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Motor grader

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For land preparation prior before stabilization or after the finishing job, the grader is probably the most complex machine to be used for shaping and finishing surfaces.

The characteristics and parts of the motor grader

In the past, the motor grader was towed to a tractor and then became self-propelled by adding a diesel engine and a transmission tandem.

The grader is composed of a central beam supporting the slewing ring of the working blade. A system allows the mobility of the crown blade assembly at 360° on a horizontal plane, at 80° on a vertical plane at 60° on a lateral plane.

For light earthmoving operations, the motor grader is equipped with a discharge blade at the front and a scarifier at the rear. The chassis can "break" to clear a wider working path for the blade. The front axle, driven or not, can tilt its wheels vertically. The motor grader is sometimes used for agricultural purposes, or in most cases you can see a motor grader blade on an agricultural tractor.

All these tools make the motor grader suitable for embankment work, shaping of expanded material, shaping of rolling track.

The grader: various uses and applications for public works professionals

The motor grader is used on motorway construction sites for the shaping of the upper layers, on building construction platforms for street shaping and even in quarries for track maintenance.

Equipped with powerful diesel engines up to 500 hp for the most powerful, the motor graders are equipped with chain drives protected in tandems. The cab is largely glazed to clear the driver's visibility, the windscreen is tilted backwards to allow better visibility of the work area as close as possible to the cab. It can be lowered to work under bridges.

Nowadays, the controls are done by hydraulic joysticks but many models of motor graders are still equipped with joysticks that allow the chassis blade assembly to be operated. It is a real piano on which the pilot must compose his movements to obtain the speed of movement is a characteristic of the motor grader up to 50 km/h. The motor grader must be able to perform fast forward and backward manoeuvres to increase its productivity.

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