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Motor grader

Grader: a machine with its reputation !

For land preparation prior before stabilization or after the finishing job, the grader is probably the most complex machine to be used for shaping and finishing surfaces.

Formerly, grader trailer was attached to a tractor, then it became self-propelled by adding a diesel engine and a tandem transmission.

The grader is composed of a central frame supporting the slewing ring of the working blade. A system allows 360° rotation of the entire blade with 80 ° vertical and 60 ° horizontal movement.

For light digging operations the grader is provided of a dozer blade on the front and with a ripper behind. The frame can "break" to reach a wider work angle for the blade. The front axle can tilt vertically.

All these tools make the grader adapted for grading and road construction.

The grader : differents uses

The grader is present on motorway construction sites for upper layers jobs, on building construction platforms, and even for quarry pathway maintenance.

Featuring powerful diesel engine up to 500 hp for the most powerful, graders are equipped with transmission chains protected in tandem mechanism. Good cab visibility provides a working comfort for the operator, the windshield is tilted backwards to allow a better visibility of the work area located close to the cabin. It can be lowered in order to work under bridges.

The modern graders are equipped with hydraulic joysticks but still many grader models are equipped with levers that can operate all grader functions. It's a real piano on which the pilot must compose his movements. The speed is one of the main characteristics of grader, reaching 50 km/h . Graders must perform fast forward and backward movements to maintain their high productivity.

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