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Compactors : the ground’s machine

For road design, compaction is a crucial operation for consolidating and unifying the contact surface of a road. Different machinery can be used on compaction jobs, depending on the work needed.


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The compactor : two models for two uses 

The simple drum compactor, equipped with pneumatic tires on the rear, does the compaction of platforms, or the base layers of the road. The simple drum compactor can then be fitted with a leveling blade on the front to remove the ground layers.

In a double drum roller’s use a vibration is generated by motors located in the drums of the compactor. A hydraulic motor generates the vibration.

The compactor task is to achieve a perfect finish of the final coating by removing the compaction peaks caused by the edges of the drum and ensuring the quality of the surface layer.

The compactor is driven by a medium power diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission; the steering vibration is provided by a main hydraulic pump.

Being highly seasonal equipment, it remains essential to ensure the cohesion of raw, stabilized or paved road. An AFNOR standard identifies the compaction frequency machines in VM1 to VM5 range, VM5 standing for the deepest compaction.

Discover the sale and rental of compactors major brands such as: Caterpillar PS300B, PS300C, Bomag BW174AD, or Dynapac CC1000.

Codimatra, offers a wide range of used or refurbished parts, to maintain good technical condition of your compactor.