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Travel hydraulic motor

Lately you have noticed that your machine was struggling to move backwards? The problem is probably in your final drive or motor. Codimatra is your specialist in the sale of parts and equipment for public works for professionals and offers a comprehensive range of final drives with hydraulic motor.

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1875 items

1875 items

The hydraulic drive motor is a part that transforms hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Due to engine rotation, we can move the machine forward or backward. The power will be supplied either by the main hydraulic pump or by the driving pump. Depending on the make and model of your machine you will find a main hydraulic pump and an auxiliary hydraulic pump for many track excavators like Liebherr R 964 SHD.

If you do not regularly perform maintenance on your hydraulic motor, it can be damaged over time. So it’s advised to drain your motor every 1000 hours. If you find that your machine has no motion:

  • Forward or reverse does not work
  • Forward is faster than reverse
  • One of two sides of your machine works less well than other.

It is likely that your hydraulic motor needs to be replaced.

To purchase a hydraulic motor, don’t hesitate to contact Codimatra teams. They will be happy to answer and help you in choosing the right motor for you, depending on the make and model of your machine. Codimatra has a recognized expertise in the construction field and a strong knowledge of the market. To request a price or to get more information on hydraulic motors, contact our teams at 05 53 98 55 78.