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Spare parts

In the shop spare parts, you will find a wide range of organs to restore walking your construction machine. The oldest machine at the latest, we update our catalog of over 39,000 references.
The Used spare parts made CODIMATRA a unique concept in Europe. The company has a 7-hectare logistics site dedicated to the industrialization of deconstruction materials to the delivery of the parts ready, tested or reconditioned. With more than 39,000 used parts for all brands, computer-referenced we can bring you great responsiveness to your problems. Through our ongoing referrals we are able to meet the need of each of you whatever your continent.

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58196 items

58196 items

The used spare part requires a perfect combination with your machine!

Every day is a team of experienced sales persons that provides information about your application. Beyond the transaction, we provide our advisory role to fulfill our first objective ... Reply to best suit your needs.

Also, the best way to give you an online solution is to allow you to select our spare parts entering by type, model and brand. On the homepage of the website Codimatra, the tab parts or in the search bar, you can choose exactly the piece you are looking for. You'll be sure that the used spare parts offered opportunities is relevant to your model working machine. Codimatra catalog is extensive, you should necessarily find your happiness with CODIMATRA: quality for any occasion.

Take an example for a search Liebherr piece!

Looking for your Liebherr diesel engine 20t machine. By following the above information, you will arrive on the page dedicated to Liebherr spare parts (click on the link you will see directly the result). Therefore you will have access to over 8790 items for the Liebherr brand. You left is to filter by document type and model to find the diesel engine you need for your Liebherr machine.

OUR CATALOGUE Codimatra spare parts

With nearly 39,000 references and numerous connections possible with old machine models and recent, our used spare parts are categorized by family, subfamily, type ... And  you will  find the tab: Body, Equipment, Hydraulics, Engine , Track, Powertrain and cylinder. Then simply navigate through the different families to make your selection. If you have any doubt, our experts are there to help you by phone or email.