71036 second-hand spare parts for public works equipment

Delivery management

Calculation of shipping costs and packaging

If I order my part on the web:

When you order a part on our website, the calculation of shipping costs is done just after you have entered your delivery address. Therefore, the payment you have to make at the end of the ordering process includes the price including VAT of the part plus shipping costs. As soon as the payment is validated, Codimatra takes care of filming, packaging and finding carriers according to the destination, size and weight of the part.

If I go through a spare parts advisor:

If you have contacted our spare parts department for a part (by phone or email), our transport department will calculate the shipping costs according to the desired delivery address and the weight of the part. This service is also responsible for finding the best possible carrier. As with a web order, the shipping department will check, apply plastic film and package the part. Finally, when the carrier arrives, they take care of loading the truck.

What about the delivery of a public works machine?

Due to the technical nature and cost of a construction machine, it is not possible to order a machine directly from our website. However you can check the pictures, prices and delivery is open to all countries. Contact our second-hand machine department to find out the specificities of the machine you wish to purchase. Our teams then load the machine either on our Codimatra truck or on the truck of the carriers specialized in exceptional convoys. Shipping is also an option for overseas countries. Codimatra can deliver even heavier tonnage machines, you can even request the delivery of your machine with special equipment (buckets, hydraulic breakers...)

What if I opt for park pick-up?

Do you live in or near the Lot-et-Garonne region? Opting for the removal of a used spare part from the fleet may be advantageous for you because you will not pay any shipping costs. You can tick this option when you place your web order or specify it when you contact our technical sales representatives. You can then come to our park near Agen with a vehicle equipped for the transport of parts. Of course, our shipping department is in charge of preparing and packaging your part before your arrival. Once you have arrived in Codimatra, our services help you to load the part.

Have you found the part or machine you need and are worried about the delivery conditions? 

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