L330D Heavy type loader by Swedish manufacturer Volvo was first manufactured in 2000.

A muscled Volvo wheel loader !

At the time, new electronic technologies brought new capabilities to the construction machinery.

L 330 D is provided for example with an automated gearbox APS 2 system for a smooth gear selection and precise speed. At the meantime, Contronic 2 gathers all the data on operator’s dashboard.

Electronic sensors allow better collection of machine information.

Nevertheless the engine still is not controlled electronically at 100%. The Volvo TD164 KAE with 16-liter displacement develops 500 hp power and maximum torque of 2340 nm at 1000 rev/min.

Regarding the hydraulic circuit, load sensing system provides the optimal hydraulic pressure regardless of a pump flow rate which controls the movement of the tilt cylinders, lines and lifting cylinders.

The boom is equipped with a Z-kinematics for improved digging force. With a capacity of 6-13 m3 the Volvo L 330 D bucket allows to use it for all types of work such as carrying materials in a sandpit.

For this type of work with its high travel speed and heavy loads should not result in excessive suspension wear, so this machine is equipped with Volvo loader BSS boom suspension system that is better known as an anti-pitch system.

Nitrogen tanks are connected to the digging and lifting cylinders to dampen the movements of the stretcher providing more precision.

For work in dusty environments, such as quarries, the cabin is equipped with powerful filtering system.

Volvo L 330 D will soon be dismantled and its parts such as the hydraulic pump, drives and gearbox reconditioned.

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