The diesel engine is essential to the functioning of public works vehicles. Codimatra, your online shop selling spare parts for public works, rental and sale of used machines, offers you an extensive range of more than 450 engines. In total, more than 1900 references from the most important publics works brands will ensure the correct operation of construction equipment.

Select the correct engine for your public works machine.

The engines selected by the Codimatra’s specialist are compatible with the majority of most popular public works machines: Liebherr engine, Caterpillar engine, Volvo engine ... It is easy to find yours, just note the year of Construction of your hardware, brand and model.

Appointment on the Codimatra website and use the brand selector and public works machine model to make sure of the compatibility of the engine with your own excavator, wheel excavator, loader, dumper, grader

If you are not 100% sure about adapting our engine on your machine no panic! Contact us by phone at +33 (0)5 53 98 55 78. Our experts will be at your disposal to advise you at best.

4 offers for spare parts at Codimatra

Functional parts and components and as it is: An economical solution ideal for the occasional operation of public works machine.

- Deposit of a machine in work order

- Verification of correct operation

- Immediate availability (on yard)

- Attractive price with a return guarantee within 7 days

Controlled parts and organs: An essential solution

- Test bench

- Replacement of worn parts

- Rebuilding at the right price

- 3-month Codimatra warranty

Standard exchange: An integral solution to use your machine with serenity

-Competitive price

- Counterparty accepted, whatever the state

- Replacement of wear and damageparts

- Performance check on test bench

- Codimatra warranty from 6 to 12 months

Customer care: A solution customisable closest to your needs

- Expert opinion: our quotations are made by our technicians

- Personalized service: on pallet or on your machine, YOUR organs are fixed

- Controlled budget: according to your plan of use of equipment

- Test benched, performance control and original paint

Good value on our engines at Codimatra

Are you looking for a new engine for your public works machine? For some times you have noticed some disturbing signs? Is your engine hard to start? And you changed your battery a short time ago?

It is quite possible that your engine is showing signs of weakness. You can then ask us about engine components, but the time to spend on the repair and the cost of some spare parts is to be studied in relation to the purchase of a used engine at Codimatra. Our 4 offers of used spare parts allow you to adjust your purchase according to the occasional or intensive use of your construction machine.

The list of second-hand motor that we propose to you is updated very regularly in order to be able to answer all the requests.

If you are not sure what type of motor you need for your machine, or if you do not know the reference you need, or if you need more information about the different engines that are compatible with your machine, Call on the expertise of our Codimatra experts. They are at your disposal and will be happy to answer all your questions.