CODIMATRA hosts a LIEBHERR wheel loader today. This machine offers an excellent cost-productivity ratio.

Our L576 wheel loader will soon be dismantled by us. After a thorough cleaning, his organs will be tested and reconditioned as necessary, in our workshops.

Liebherr L576 2plus2, a wheel loader equipped with the latest technologies.

The modern and functional design of our L576 Liebherr allowed the German company to perform excellent result for ten years. It has also been awarded to the Reddot award in 2016 for l550 TO l586 Xpower models.

Beyond the design and during the development of our L576, Liebherr wanted to stand on energy efficiency, performance, durability and comfort. The power appearance is not only seen in design but is actually present on this charger.

With these 280hp, the 2plus2 L576 Liebherris able of moving a huge mass of material in a day. The powerful engine is backed by a cooling system adapted to the new drive technologies. The speed of the fan, depend on the power required by the user. In support of the fan, Liebherr has developed a refrigeration system self-regulated through temperature sensor to ensure perfect cooling of the machine.

Compared to conventional transmission, our loader L576 is equipped with a LPE (Liebherr Power Efficiency) hydrostatic transmission ensuring up to 25% fuel consumption. The Carbon Footprint of our charger is seen reduced as well as its operating costs.

Profitability and performance are not the only reflection lever of Liebherr engineers. Comfort has been completely redesigned with ergonomic cab design. A large field and a Liebherr joystick used to control the movements of working and travel of the machine. The left hand remains on the steering wheel.

The changing of the L576 wheel loader in 2016 is already here!

Liebherr XPower wheel loaders represent an upheaval of these kind of machine codes. An innovative and comprehensive concept of machines for L550 to L586 models of 2016.

Liebherr loaders 2016 differ in their robustness, but what makes them truly unique is their driveline XPower. The well thought out arrangement of the engine, transmission and the transmission line allows an ideal weight distribution. Furthermore the Xpower wheel loaders models use two types of transmission:

  • Mechanics:Acceleration & driving
  • Hydrostatic:Loading and clutch

A large cost saving through the SCR Liebherr technology that allows a simple treatment of exhaust gases from the regeneration.

Construction Liebherr loaders have increased performance through a set of parts 100% compatible developed internally.

In sum the Liebherr2016 wheelloader range is a great achievement. In addition to their Xpower technology, the design of the L550, L556, L566, L580 and L586 is exceptional.

A perfect unloading at Codimatra for L576

Unloading our articulated wheel loader was carried out by our experts. An unhindered unloading of a loader in near perfect condition.

Yesterday, the 2plus2 L576 met the owner in his quarry for his work of recovery in heaps; today dismantled, its reconditioned organs come back into working condition your L576 Liebherr.

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