JCB JS 330 NC is well suited for heavy earthworks with its diesel engine Isuzu AH-6HKIX.


Maximal productivity for this JCB track excavator!

JCB JS 330 NC is well suited for heavy earthworks with its diesel engine Isuzu AH-6HKIX.

This six-cylinder 7.8L engine develops 280 horsepower thanks to its turbocharger and intercooler.

The 30 ton excavators like JCB LS 330 NC are among the production line machines. Equipped with a bucket 1500L for topsoil stripping work and excavation, cycle loading of dump trucks, the machine is fitted with a flexible and powerful hydraulics, a long arm and a straight boom to comply to all types of applications.

This excavator has something special: its undercarriage. It is a long and narrow chassis called NC in JCB terminology JS 330NC. This type of long and narrow chassis has three major advantages:

Long machine is more stable in deep mass excavation.

Narrow chassis facilitates the passage of the machine at limited work areas, on very stable ground, it limits the stress and torsional vibration because it is more compact and therefore more rigid.

To facilitate transporting in France, machine less than 3 meter wide allows first category transport on the road.

30-ton excavator is not only used for earthwork. Equipping it with hydraulic auxiliary line offers a possibility to mount a hydraulic hammer. To facilitate the switch from an earthmoving bucket and ditch cleaning bucket, excavator can be also equipped with a hydraulic quick coupler.

JCB JS 330NC is now dismantled, and all its components like the hydraulic valve, the main pump will be remanufactured to have a new life. The operator cab has already been sold to replace a damaged cab.

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