It’s important to choose the right oil for your construction machine

It’s important to choose the right oil for your construction machine to ensure optimal performance and use of its gearbox and axle.

Why is a suitable lubrication necessary?

The oil helps protect the gears on your axle and gearbox.

Your construction machine’s gearbox is made up of many gears required for the transmission of the engine power.  The axle meanwhile allows each wheel to rotate at a different speed.  On some models, the axle has wet brakes

These mechanisms must withstand extremely demanding conditions, particularly during repeated braking, extended periods of driving or intensive use of the machine on site.

Why drain your gearbox and transmission oil regularly?

Over time, your gearbox or axle oil loses quality. Despite containing additives to limit deposits, the oil is full of metal residue, due to the gears and the lining of clutch plates rubbing together in automatic gearboxes.  Draining your gearbox or axle is also useful for spotting any oil sump leaks.  

Several signs that it’s time to drain your gearbox.

Manual gearbox:

  • The gears don’t shift smoothly: the oil has lost its viscosity
  • The gears crunch: the oil is probably too thin
  • The gears skip: The gearbox oil needs filling up

Powershift gearbox:

  • The gearbox is slow: it must need more oil
  • The gears don’t shift well

What to do with the used axle and gearbox oil?

Once the drainage is complete, the used oil must be disposed of correctly. That means taking it to either your local recycling centre, dealer or repairer.