How to properly read a tyre on a construction machine

With mobile construction machinery, the only area where the machine comes into contact with the earth is through the tyres.

Each mount and type of tyre has been specifically designed for the machine and/or how it will be used. Tyres require a heightened degree of fine-tuning and undergo an extensive range of tests before being approved by the manufacturer in order to ensure user safety, machine performance and longevity.

At Codimatra, we have a wide range of affordable tyres for work site machinery: radial or diagonal tyres, solid tyres, rims, complete wheel units, etc. Below you will find the answers to any questions you may have.

How to properly read a tyre on a construction machine

1 – European accreditation symbol

2 – Manufacturer name

3 – Manufacturer country

4 – Type of structure

5 – Tyre dimensions

When should you change the tyres on your construction equipment?

It is essential that you inspect the condition of your industrial, semi-rigid or inflatable tyres on a regular basis. A flat tyre or an accident can happen very quickly on your work site, meaning you need to:

  • Check the tyre tread depth
  • Check the tyre tread itself and the sides (ensure there is no deep tear and that the textile isn’t visible)
  • Replace the valve each time you change the tyres. This helps ensure sealing and contributes to the long-life of your tyres
  • Check the pressure regularly while the tyres are cold: if they are not properly inflated, this can cause premature wear and greater fuel consumption. Over-inflation can lead to reduced comfort, wear in the centre of the tyre tread and lowered resistance to punctures

The different types of tyres used on your construction machinery can be found at Codimatra


At Codimatra, we have an extensive range of used tyres, including loader tyres, dumper truck tyres, grader tyres, excavator tyres and compactor tyres.

When it comes to finding the right used tyre for you, it couldn’t be easier. In the “spare parts” tab, you will find the sub-section “undercarriage”. This menu is where you will find the sub-menu “tyres”, which will give you access to more than 1,840 items. You can then refine your search using the menu on the left.

Codimatra’s environmental strategy

We receive various items of machinery which are no longer in working order. In the majority of cases, though, the tyres themselves are not damaged. After methodically disassembling our construction machinery, we reuse various parts, including tyres, in order to then be able to offer them as reusable parts to our clients.