The mass excavation Cat 350 L ME excavator was created for maximum production flow.


A 350 L ME (mass excavation) arrived at Codimatra. As was his habit, Caterpillar equipped this 350L of a higher excavator frame to create a "mass excavation" excavator. Indeed, it is equipped of a reinforced frame with a 365 excavator model frame to perform the mass excavation with perfect stabilities. A high-efficiency production scoop for maximum productivity.

Our track excavator 350 L ME Caterpillar will soon be dismantled. After a thorough cleaning, his organs will be tested and reconditioned as necessary, in our workshops.

The 350 L me: a track excavator powerful and versatile

Hydraulic Excavator L ME 350 is provided with an excellent diesel engine: The Caterpillar 3306 ATAAC developing 290 horse power. This engine is from a beautiful design! His block mix both steel and cast iron for strength. In addition, this engine is astonishing in its simplicity because it was designed at a time when we cared little about consumption.

Our CAT 350 L ME has a long frame with variable way, which provides a stable base to work and narrow shape for wide load trucking. This excavator has been subject of undercarriage changes:

• bearing reinforced chain link

• Rollers strengthened to prevent oil leaks

• Iddler forged for toughest soils

This entire undercarriage is particularly strong because it supports the swing ring and the turret itself. The frame is coated welded steel for high stiffness and good impact resistance.

CAT 350 Lme is primarily designed for heavy work such as demolition, earthworks sites, road construction, loading quarry dumpers ... which is why its front linkage has been optimized and enhanced for better durability. Sensitive areas like the connection between the arm and boom have suffered major transformations to withstand high stresses.

In the past, this 350 Lme worked in granite quarry (high abrasion of the ground), so it was equipped with a bucket for extreme used (XD). They are recognizable by corner protectors and large side wear plates.

A track excavator pleasant and easy to maintain

Despite his old age, the 350 Lme Caterpillar offers a modern cabin serving an optimum productivity. The workspace of the operator has been well designed and allows perfect visibility and outstanding ergonomics. The structure of the cab has been redesigned for this model to minimize blind spots while maintaining maximum protection. The cab shell is attached to the frame via thick rubber mounts that reduce vibration to enhance operator comfort. Indeed, this is essential for intensive production excavator.

Security is also a major aspect that Caterpillar does not neglect. During intensive quarry works or demolition ... many debris like rock, rubble or other can damaged the cabin. That's why the 350 Lme is equipped with a standard FOGS bolted to the cab structure.

We often forget but maintenance of this kind of track excavators is far from easy. Yet, the 350 Lme access is fast and easy with extended service intervals reducing maintenance costs.

Yesterday, this Caterpillar 350 Lme excavator satisfied his owner on its various sites; today dismantle and reconditioned, its organs will rehabilitate your Caterpillar 350 Lme to work.

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