Unloading Volvo L150E at CODIMATRA.


CODIMATRA now hosts a VOLVO L150E wheel loader. This machine offers the best cost efficiency in its class.
Our L150E wheel loader will be soon dismantled by us. After a thorough cleaning, his organs will be tested and reconditioned as necessary, in our workshops.

Volvo L150E, a medium range wheel loader that scares the greatest!

Volvo created a medium category wheel loader. We can find the medium category on many construction sites, earthworks, waste disposal, quarry, recycling, storage ... however, this is not so much the size and mass of the machine that are important, but rather what it is capacity of embark in his bucket. Obviously, more the machine is impressive; more the bucket will have a high volume. But we must always adapt the machine to the job site. This is why the L150E is an exceptional wheel loader! Your hourly tonnage handled with such a machine is optimized. The load of the bucket and tipping load are two rules to follow when choosing a wheel loader. Doing the math on our Volvo L150E 26 tons: the frame full turn tipping is announced at 16t, but in reality divide that number by two, about 8t load bucket. Another crucial point to be observed in the

choice of a wheel loader is the type of bucket (shape, volume, reinforcement ...). In the case where the charger is single-use, there will need only a single bucket, but it is not often the case. The complexity of projects and the different kind of material precedence over single-use. It is therefore essential to bring accessories tailored to the sites.

Formerly our L150E was on working face, so it was fitted with a mass excavation reinforced bucket with edge provided with wear blades. To carry out its mission of handling, L150E is powered by a supercharged 12 liter diesel engine of 6 in-line cylinder. It develops 280hp and truly delivers between 1400 twiddle / min and 1700 twiddle / min. This engine perfectly suited to the machine provides a breakout torque very high compared to the average of its competitors. The TPL-type lift arms is a unique design and extremely simple to use. It facilitates the work of the operator so that it can handle heavy materials with a suitable power safely.

Security is undoubtedly the highlight of the Volvo business, but also ergonomics. All important information is located in the operator's field of vision. A monitor (CONTRONIC) provides all the information necessary for the proper functioning of the machine. The cabin is exceptional with a suspended ergonomic seating, heating and air conditioning ... everything needed to work in the best conditions.

In summary, the L150E could move a mountain by himself! Indeed, it has taken advantage of the advanced engineering VOLVO. Optimal design, with first class comfort for the operator and exceptional productivity, Volvo has carried out its mission to create a very effective middle class wheel loader.

62 years of history for Volvo Wheel Loaders

We take advantage of the 62 years birthday of Volvo wheel loaders to make a small historical parenthesis. In 1954 Volvo introduces its first wheel loader. Exactly at the same period than the first articulated Bolinder dumper test, newly acquired at the time by Volvo. This loader from another time named H10 will be then, for there cord, the first loader in the world. *

In 1960 the Arkiva factory was bought by Volvo and 12 years later it is the first industrially assembled wheel loader that come out from the factory: the LM-840 in 1972. It is a powerful wheal loader developing 110hp with more than 70 tools for maximum versatility.

Later, in the mid-60s, BM VOLVO modernized their range of wheel loaders: fast and comfortable with powerful engines and new Power shift transmissions.

Later in 70/80 years, Volvo wheel loaders have seen significant improvements in the hydraulic system with the arrival of particular loadsensing and first automatic testing.

Everything is accelerating after 1973 and the change of brand name from BM VOLVO to VOLVO. This will facilitate the export of wheel loaders worldwide and also allow Volvo to relocate its production.

It was in 1991 that Volvo launched the famous L150. His arrival causes an earthquake in the world of earthmoving. The Volvo engineers have performed with the L150 causing a tremendous technological leap. Even today, many features still used on current wheel loaders.

It was in 2001 that the E series was created by Volvo. Our L150E is directly derived from there. A loader that wanted ultra-productive with low fuel consumption.

An unhindered unloading for VOLVO L150E at CODIMATRA

Unloading of our articulated dumper was carried out by our experts. Despite an out of order engine, teams of deconstruction pulled the charger using an excavator to take him to his location. The engine experts CODIMATRA will restart its engine in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, the L150E met the owner in his career; today dismantled and reconditioned its organs come back into working condition your VOLVO L150E.

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