Volvo production of excavators EC240C L is very robust and very accessible for maintenance.


Volvo EC240C L entered the CODIMATRA Park. A production excavator of quality, for maximum endurance.

Our Volvo EC240C L will soon be dismantled by us. After a thorough cleaning, his organs will be tested and reconditioned as necessary, in our workshops.

The EC240C L, a concentration of expertise Volvo!

Excavator EC240C L of the famous Swedish manufacturer, Volvo, is the very best! As the world's largest manufacturer of diesel engines from 9 to 18 litter, Volvo supports numerous research programs to create engines more efficient, while consuming less fuel. Volvo strength is also to learn from different sectors, in which it operates, to innovate. In fact, Volvo is present on land, sea, sky and space, thus affirming its leading brand position in the global economy.

The EC240C L is no exception to the rule with 170 power horse Stage IIIA engine using a well known technology in the Volvo: The V-ACT technology. It allows better management of combustion and thus minimizing its fuel consumption. Also Volvo continues to lead in the industry in terms of fuel efficiency. This engine can animate with extreme reactivity the entire hydraulic circuit. On this last point Volvo has focused on an intelligent hydraulic system to modulate the power delivered by the combustion engine and its transformation into hydropower. This will allow a greater fluidity in the movements and increased accuracy during excavation phases.

The reinforced undercarriage and tracks of this excavator are designed to last and withstand repetitive stresses. They provide excellent stability and low ground pressure (43,4kPa / cm2) despite 700mm tiles. The turret is also reinforced with double welded corners.

The maintenance of our EC240C L has been simplified! A maintenance which is carried from the ground with quick access to hydraulic pumps, filters, centralized lubrication points ...

Through these main points, Volvo shows the potential that can offer this EC240C L in action. In sum, this hydraulic excavator is robust, accessible and productive.

The operator, the main concern of the Volvo EC240C L excavator

You'll understand, this EC240C L has many advantages thanks to the expertise of Volvo. But the machine is not doing everything! That is why Volvo technicians did everything to transform the use of the Volvo EC240C L in real experience for the operator.

Volvo has listened to its users and incorporated many improvements to the workspace. Volvo has a reputation for placing the operator at the center of its R & D. That's why we find our EC240C L comfort and exceptional ergonomics while maintaining exemplary safety. The spacious work environment, comfortable and ergonomic this track excavator has made dream many operators. Indeed, a better comfort allow to work better and longer. The cabin is extremely well soundproofed (less than 70db) and Volvo has also made every effort to remove harmful vibrations bringing major changes to the engine ventilation system but also with a cab suspension system.

Visibility is a key word at Volvo! A better field of vision was offered to operators with this EC240C L and a sunroof to see what happens when the operator works in height.

Outside the cabin is a set of steps and well-positioned gateways that will allow great accessibility for daily checks. This maintenance has been simplified, it has become more accessible than those of competitors on 24 tons excavator.  

Yesterday, this track excavators Volvo EC240C L satisfy its owner on its various sites; today dismantled, reconditioned its organs come back into working condition your Volvo EC240C L.

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