The DR860T Articulated dumper truck is one emblematic machine of the Volvo brand.

Articulated dumper delivery on Codimatra! The whole of frame and body of this three machine, coupled to a tractor is perfect for an agricultural exploitation.

Our two DR860 & the A20 will be dismantled in our workshop soon. After a clean and healthy disassembly, this 3 frame-bodies will be available for a bulk hauler group adaptation.


The articulated dump truck : Volvo is a must !

The articulated dumper is born from the coupling of a tractor and a frame-body. Volvo has been the pioneer on this type of machine with the emblematic DR860. This machine has taken its place between the agricultural tractor with a body and the rigid dumper. The Volvo dumper have been think in order to satisfy the 3 major needs of this time: required charge capacity, efficiency and economic yield. The high crossing capacity is part of the articulated dumper DNA. The bogie design allows a perfect contact with the soil in whatever the ground. The DR860 has a completely renew bogie: the body and frame charge is transmitted to the axls thanks to oscillating frame and the cushion is ensured by thick flexible mount.

The motor function is a major point for this machine. Nothing to do with the agricultural tractor of this time. Le DR860 is differentiated with his 4 driving wheels making him able to cross muddy soil, slippery and uneven. The DR860T big brother: The A20 has, meanwhile, 6 driving wheels for a higher crossing capacity.

Unlike the agricultural tractor and rigid dumper, the steering is possible thanks to the frame articulated by steering cylinder. This allow to the whole wheels to have a major grip even in the curve. This architecture gives the articulated dumper a high flexibility and allows him to use all his motor function on the curve. 

Articulated dumper has also a high productivity thanks to quick displacement weel. Indeed, these machines are able to do higher distances at higher speed (30 to 70km/hrs). 

Nowadays, Volvo is still the “uncontested leader in the transport by dumper area”.

 Codimatra offer 3 frame-bodies and a large range of spare parts for the Volvo dumper truck.

Return to their roots for the 3 Volvo dumper bodies

A dumper body on a tractor back? Surrealism? No, quite the opposite!

Codimatra offer to sales 3 Volvo frame-bodies adaptable to the agricultural tractor back.

We separate the motor group to be able to free the body. Then, we recreate the horse and carriage tiller. In order to do this, we have to weld steel slab in place of the existing articulation in order to be able to install the new one.

The body can be configured as an agricultural tractor follower but can also be the power force thanks to a mechanical or hydro mechanical transmission. The first one pass directly through the power takeoff while the second is created by a hydraulic engine activated by the power takeoff.

Avantages :

  • Strong crossing capacity
  • High loading
  • Best stability thanks to dumper bogie
  • A resistant body
  • An easy adaptation

Yesterday, the two DR860T and the A20 satisfied their owner on construction site. Today, dismantled, their spare parts will come renew your Volvo dumper. We offer also 3 frame-body with the Volvo dumper supporting group. 

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