CODIMATRA today took delivery of a Liebherrtrack excavator Litronic R946. This machine offers incredible potential of large-scale projects.

Our R946 excavator will soon be dismantled by us. After a thorough cleaning, his organs will be tested and reconditioned as necessary, in our workshops.

R946 Litronic Liebherr : a robust and powerful excavator

Our R946 excavator displays a walking weight of 40 tonnes while it is powered by a 272hp diesel engine. Having already very good reputation for his performance in earthmoving business, the R946track excavator incorporates a new system of recycling exhaust gases. In fact, with a deemed Liebherr system: the SCR, the R946 has a low carbon footprint in relation to its size.

TheR946 Litronictrack excavator is a robust steel excavator to withstand the most demanding applications. It is the whole of the machine that is designed for optimum life beginning with the Mass Excavation chassis.

Hydraulic equipment built to this excavator is among the best in its class. HPC technology (positive hydraulic control) patented by Liebherr allows perfect operation of the hydraulic system of the machine. This R946 40t react with extreme reactivity, fluidity and precision.

Maintenance has never been easier than on this machine. Liebherr engineers wanted to facilitate this delicate part to shorten the daily operations and increase the hours of machine availability. This is from the cabin that the operator can manage a number of crucial points of his machine.

Speaking cabin, this is where there was the greatest design effort. A spacious cabin with a cushioningseat and very ergonomic controls. In addition, security did not stay aside in the design of the excavator. It will be equipped with a ROPS protection conforms to the ISO 121117 standard famous ensuring driver safety.

A noted presentation for the new version of the R946 at Intermat 2015 show!

At the largest international event of industrial and construction equipment, Intermat, Liebherr introduced its new version of theLitronic R946 and the R950. This "label" of Public Works show allows large brands in the sector to showcase their designs and innovations in order to make the buzz and talk about their brand. Liebherr German brand has understood and presented in 2015 its first R946 respecting step standards 4 / Tier 4f. It was equipped for the presentation of a 6.45m boom, a 2.9m stick , a 2.3m bucket and a LC frame.

Next to the new model of the R946 we saw the R950 EMS (super mass excavation), with the components of the R946, and the larger excavator the R956. At Intermat the excavator was equipped with a counterweight and EMS equipment for forces of penetration and higher cavages for earthworks demanding.

Unusual unloading of door-tank for R946 Litronic excavator.

Unloading our R946 Litronic has been completed by our experts. Having undergone an electrical fire, the cabin of the excavator was no longer operational. Impossible to move the machine without drawing. After removing the final drives, the40T excavator could move freely. With the help of two industrial tires excavators, the R946 was moved without any problems.

Yesterday, the R946 meet the owner of the earthworks; today dismantled, reconditioned its organs will rehabilitate work your Liebherr LR946.

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