CODIMATRA has just received a JCB wheel excavator: Hydradig 110W

A compact mini-excavator makes its big arrival at CODIMATRA.

"To try it is to adopt it" exclaims the general manager of JCB France during the official presentation of the machine, March 15, 2016. We believed on word and after having tested it during the Roadshow Hydradig organized by M3 Sud-Ouest, we could not do otherwise than offer it for renting to our customers.

Why is she so fascinating?

The Hydradig is the URBAN typeultimate EXCAVATOR . This 10t excavator combines numerous advantages that make it easier for the operator to work in tight working situations. JCB's work has not been so much about technological advances but about the ergonomics of this tool. This wheel excavator offers a new concept of mini-excavators that has everything to please.

  • The spacious and the large window cabin of this machine offers great visibility and exceptional working comfort for the operator.
  • The JCB excavator offers an unprecedented stability for the wheel excavators of this tonnage with its dual lift and low center of gravity.
  • The ultimate in mobility and manoeuvrability with a top speed of 40km/h and 4 steering wheels

In short, this excavator is hugely successful in its segment.

At CODIMATRA we love it!

On what type of site will we find it?

Recently, we can see many Hydradig excavators on construction sites in urban areas. Agile and compact, it paces the narrow streets of our cities without any difficulty. JCB struck hard, once again, turning it into a real Swiss knife. This machine excels in versatility and can be transformed into a real integrated tool holder. It must not be forgotten that this machine has a major advantage: it does not mobilize more than one lane of traffic to work!

A market segment that offers great perspective at JCB France?

Philippe Girard, General Manager of JCB France told Construction Cayola that their ambitions in the 10-11 ton market were significant. This segment is now considered as a niche market but tends to increase with a French economy in transition. The large worksites are very limited, but there is a real dynamic of urbanization. The project "Great Paris" is part of this approach, and other French cities follow like Nantes, Bordeaux or even Lyon ...