After the merchandise selection on Codimatra, we load container for our client. Codimatra, 37 000 references of all brands ready to ship.


You don’t have only to find the good product to the best price; you also need it to arrive to you.

Transport consulting is one of our services. For each order and expedition demand, we study the option and offer an adapted transport. This take in account the distance, the weight, the volume and the delivery speed. We then follow your parcel in real time. This allows to inform you about its progression and to have a quick reaction in case of trouble.

In addition, our computerised stocks management of 37 000 references of all brands daily updated. Thus, we guarantee a updated stock, a quick and made to measure delivery wherever you are in the world.


Codimatra has been created in 1979. We are specialised in purchase and sale of second-hand material and spare part for higher than 10 ton public work machines.

The second-hand part made Codimatra a unique concept in Europe. The industry has a 7 hectares logistic site dedicated to the industrialisation and deconstruction of material until the delivery of the repacked part.

Thanks to our continuous referencing we are able to answer your needs whatever your continent.

The export on Codimatra

Nowadays out expertise is international. We manage 38% of our turnover on export. This important percentage shows this expertise in public work area. The objective is to continue to improve our presence in the world in order to answer all your specific needs.

The customer satisfaction we create on export take in account the service, the bought material but also the delivery mode for the merchandise. Indeed, during export transaction, Transport is the most difficult point but also the most important. 

On Codimatra we offer to choose your delivery mode for your merchandises. Indeed, we know that everybody has his own preference that is why we try to satisfy all of them. Thus, 3 delivery modes are available:

1: The customer picks up– 100% under your responsibility

The principal is easy: you come directly pick your merchandise on Codimatra industrial site. You are responsible of your material as soon as you cross the site portal.

2: A transporter defines by our customer

Your merchandise pick up is organised by our customers with a transporter of his choice. Our logistic team give you then all the information you need for the transporter.

3: A made to measure logistic – 100% under our responsibility

We ensure the total transport operation for our customers. Thanks to our transporter and forwarding agent network, we assist you for the entire expedition step and make sure that the rules and delay are respected.

For optimum services, Codimatra create industrial packaging for exportation made to measure, respecting norms and merchandise to ease your international expedition. The packaging is perfectly studied to preserve your product from our plant to their final destination. You receive thus your materiel in perfect state whatever the kilometres travelled.

Setting container, loading, parcel wedging… Codimatra’s services for export take in account air, maritime, rail and road constraint just as your specific requirement and the rules one.

Concerning the merchandise, Codimatra offer guarantee on part, organ and machine serviced by us. We can guarantee you the tested spare part and the rebuild once during specific time (on demand). 

You have understood, on Codimatra the customer satisfaction is our priority and our specialist team are there to ease your purchase wherever you are.