To better respond to your needs, we have undertaken major changes on our website. needed to be clear and user-friendly for our customers. Therefore, we have introduced new features in 2017 on

In video, the new features of the Codimatra website.

The arrival of Codimatra’s online store

A revolution in the world of used spare parts!

Since 2014, you had our spare parts catalogue lying on your desk or tucked away somewhere. After numerous satisfaction surveys, it was concluded that having to contact us each time you wanted to order a spare part was very time-consuming.  However, with an online platform, you can check out the prices of a wide range of classic parts on the web, and now you can compare our prices and buy your parts and components from the comfort of your home or office. 

As for delivery, we will ship items worldwide or you can simply collect them at the Codimatra store.

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Codimatra’s team of experts at your service

Need advice on finding a specific part for your construction machine? The Codimatra experts are available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 12noon and from 2PM to 6PM (UTC+2).