The A40D, is one of the most productive articulated dumper in its class!

CODIMATRA hosts today a renowned articulated dumper : VOLVO A40D. This 69 tons dumper has a hoist capacity of 40 000kg ...

We will soon dismantle our Volvo dumper A40D. After a thorough cleaning, his organs will be tested and reconditioned as necessary, in our workshops.

From "Gravel Charlie" to the present, Volvo has established itself on the world market of public works!

In 2016, Volvo celebrates 50 years of its first articulated dumper named "Gravel Charlie," as the registration number DR631.

Before "Gravel Charlie", testing and imagination of Bolinder-Munktell company gave birth to the articulated hauler. It all started with simple a tractor and cereal tipping in 1958. Strengthened boom and a swivel hook system connected the two chassis forming one. These tractors will not be concepts only for the Swedish brand Bolinder-Munktell, which will market them at small scale.

At that time, Bolinder-Munktell had already been acquired by the Volvo brand, but remained very independent until the years 1955. The two brands remain distinct until the early 60. It was in 1963 that Volvo note the invention of Bolinder-Munktell and added it in its catalog. The idea pleases enormously and the demand raise. In the same year, it is not a 6 tons dump to 1 axle and a BM350 tractor (60hp), but two new versions of 10 & 15 tons with the same coupling system, but equipped with cylinders lifting driven by the tractor's. This Greater capacity and this increased weight require Bolinder-Munktell to see his machine tipper couple and to equipped his dumpers with the BM470 (140 hp). Not until next model DD-1524 to see a motorized track thanks to BM 473 tractor.

In 1966 BM VOLVO removes the front axle! This is the birth of the first articulated truck that looks like what it is today. The four wheels drive is capable of carrying over 10 tons. Many parts still exist for the tractor Bolinder-Munktell recovery (motor, accessories, actuators ...). Marketing the DR631 will be very local and remain in Sweden for the majority. A more advanced model released in 1967 and will be largely exported by BM Volvo with peak sales in the 1970s.

We received at CODIMATRA two dumpers VOLVO BM DR860T for dismantling.

After the undeniable success of the DR860, VOLVO goes into high speed and offers customers the 5350 model in 1979 which is the first dumper all brands overall to cross the 50 km / h in 6x4 and 6x6 with the 5350B. BM Volvo will nevertheless take a major turning point with the redesign of its range of articulated dumper. Series A appear in 1986 with the A20 of 18.5t, the A25 of 22.5t, the A28 of 24t, the A30 of 27t, the A35 of 32tand the A40 of 36t. VOLVO affirms its determination to establish benchmarks over the long term. We had already received an A20 of 150hp at CODIMATRA.

From 1991 to 1999 it is the C series which will marks the arrival of the 100% automatic transmission on all models as well as very big dumpers like A40D fit with a 400 hp engine. These years were also marked by the removal of BM initials leaving only the VOLVO name.

In the 2000s, the round shapes are fashionable and the edges covers will pimp often. A decidedly different design will be up on the latest models D. The engine is boosted and it is also embedded many innovations. This very successful design is the origin of the domination of Volvo in the articulated dumpers’ world.

From 2006 to 2009 it was the arrival of the E series equipped with the patented by Volvo FULL: a suspension (100% hydraulic suspension) allowing to increase productivity by increasing the overall speed of transport on bodied road.

Since 2010 F-Series comes in. It is almost identical to the E but ships Care Track. It is a system anticipating problems of the machine or the operator's needs (location, fuel level, logistics ...)

In 2016, the new G Series articulated dumper, including A25G, A30G, A35G, A35G FS, A40G and A40G FS, are ideal for a wide variety of applications in quarrying, mining and earthmoving. The new Volvo engines, and his powerful six-cylinder turbo, have been redesigned to meet strict regulations on emissions Tier4. These new engine allow them to reach 60km / h.

The A40D, is one of the most productive articulated dumper in its class!

More versatile than rigid dumper, articulated accepts the easier gradients for the same payload. Our A40D provided with generous Volvo D12D AD E3 developing 430cv can significantly increase performance. This 6-wheel drive articulated dumper proves an unrivaled comfort for the driver. The multi-plate clutches with oil bath allow extraordinary escalation compared to the old system to "claw".

For a more enjoyable driving, the A40D is equipped with a hydro mechanical auto compensation steering. The Volvo patented system provides a precise steering even at 55km / h. The light steering (-to 26NM) provides excellent maneuverability at low speed.

A40D initiates 5 pull configuration options. They are very simple to configure and can be set in motion depending on the terrain encountered. They allow to better measure the power in relation to the ground and allow to achieve good fuel economy, but also to reduce premature wear of the driveline and tires.

The A40D is part of the larger dumper and has a capacity of matched load. The large dump volume can transport more quickly higher loads. The tilting system of the bucket, powerful and precise, and the loading brake enable ease spill, while reducing cost.

As we have already mentioned in our previous news, security is one of the Volvo core values. Engineers begin before the stage of product design. A security that is as much about the driver toward the machine and the environment in which he works.

With a global network, Volvo ensures qualified and experience personal to give a quick response to prevent a too long machine asset. Volvo strives to offer, throughout the lifetime of its products, the most cost-effective solutions.

Yesterday, the Volvo A40D articulated dumper met the owner in his career; today dismantled, reconditioned its organs will make your VOLVO A40D run again.

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