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Wheel loader Volvo spare parts

All our parts from the swedish brand VOLVO for wheel loader by model on this page.

Volvo wheel loaders are easy to handle and fast.  Performers in many fields, there are many models and tonnages. Easily recognizable by their stretchers and wide tires, they are a real essential tool for all applications requiring the movement of soil or the loading of materials.

Why choose a wheel loader Volvo ?

The most important advantage of these wheel loaders is that they are easy to move, the main advantage is their manoeuvrability and the main advantage of these wheel loaders is the productivity they provide. Compared to a tracked loader, of course, but also to other competitive models. The most recent Volvo models are optimised on manoeuvrability and lower energy costs. Conditions and the environment are not always easy, between bad weather and heat in summer, the Volvo charger is often abused. They are also solid models capable of withstanding the difficulties imposed by the environment such as heat or difficult ground.

Wheel loaders Volvo in gravel pits

These Volvo loaders are used in gravel pits for example. Their large loading buckets make them indispensable because they can load stone, sand or kaolin. Very handy and voluminous, the Volvo loaders are a real productivity boost... Easy to handle, they make everyday life easier. The driver of construction machinery benefits from a comfortable driving position and very good visibility in the workplace.

What used equipment for my wheel loader Volvo?

In general, Volvo loaders use loader buckets. You can also find tool holders and forks for there handling. More rare but very useful, it is possible to find sweepers and snow ploughs.  The loading buckets available at Codimatra for your Volvo wheel loader are either toothed or with a counter-blade. At Codimatra, GHD buckets have their own category.  These buckets are designed to load and dump large volumes of materials such as sand and gravel, bringing a lot of productivity, especially in a gravel pit. A branded wheel loader and dump truck are the best combination to increase productivity. You can also ask in our spare parts stock for reinforced buckets on the bottom or side for more "abrasive" applications. As with tracked loaders, never move with the bucket raised as this greatly reduces the visibility of the Volvo driver.

Volvo spare parts to avoid failure

Don't wait for your Volvo loader engine to fail to control your machine. Many gearboxes are available at the best price. Codimatra advises you to open the engine hood and check the condition of your brakes frequently.  Need used tires and rims?  Find Goodyear, Dunlop or Continental tires, for example. Of course if your rim is damaged, we have a large stock of rims but also wheel reducers on our website. Is your ZF bridge damaged? Send a photo of your references so that our dedicated spare part team can inform you about the bridges and bridge nosings available to replace the defective part.  We offer the sale as is or reconditioned. You want to bring a wheel loader to your fleet of construction machinery? Our material ads contain all the information you need such as year or horses. We can deliver your parts in France or Europe. Pick-up in store at Codimatra is also possible, near Agen.

We also have spare parts for other brands of wheel loaders.

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