71010 second-hand spare parts for public works equipment

Used wheel loader parts

This page is dedicated to wheel loader parts available at Codimatra. You will find below the original brands and then the original models of the spare parts.

The wheel loader, the perfect machine for large loads

Often imposing with its large tires and bulky bucket, the wheel loader is an essential machine for loading bulky materials. It is preferable to the tracked loader when used on sufficiently hard ground. Its loader bucket or high dump bucket makes a vertical movement and pivots to load or unload its contents into a dump truck or articulated truck for example. In a large majority of cases, this machine is articulated, to give more maneuverability and possibilities to the operator of construction machinery. The wheel loader can be found on earthworks to move excavated or quarried soil to take care of the cutting face or handle aggregates. This machine can also clear and backfill holes. It is the best type of loader on hard ground and outside an urban environment. In the quarry, the wheel loader must be profitable and ensure the safety of the operator, which is why the calculation of operating costs is important when choosing a wheel loader.

Find your used wheel loader spare parts at Codimatra

Codimatra is the distribution counter for public works equipment. We deconstruct wheel loaders of all brands from the largest manufacturers of construction machinery. All our spare parts are second-hand and benefit from a very competitive price. We supply spare parts for wheel loaders in France and all over the world, by truck, boat or air. Find second-hand parts corresponding to wheel loaders such as the stretcher or the articulation, we also have a wide range of tires of different sizes. Finally, you can also find cabin parts such as the seat or joysticks. You can also find all our body parts such as the hood.

Many second-hand equipment for wheel loaders

In addition to spare parts such as the engine, hydraulic pump connected to the stretcher cylinder, we can provide wheel loader equipment with good loading capacity such as the loader bucket or high dump buckets. You can also find our loader stretchers with their return (also called loader stretcher banana because of its shape and color often yellow according to the manufacturers).

Complete your wheel loader fleet with our used equipment !

You prefer to buy a complete machine but the new one is too expensive? Save money with the purchase of one of our used wheel loaders in our section dedicated to used machines. Find as much information as possible on our product ads, year, number of hours (equivalent to mileage on a construction machine), the power of the diesel engine and of course the price. New, you can even look at the machine from all angles with the 360 degree tool.

Spare parts for wheel loaders of all makes.

Within our spare parts fleet, we have deconstructed wheel loaders of all brands of construction machinery manufacturers. Like the American brands Case and Caterpillar (CAT). Or the British three-letter brand : JCB. You can also find spare parts for Liebherr solid loaders or Volvo wheel loaders, which are very reliable and easy to handle.

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