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Liebherr tire excavator spare parts

Find all our used spare parts for Liebherr excavators.

The Liebherr wheeled excavators are renowned for their manoeuvrability.  The most recent models have been equipped with the latest innovations. Find the spare part you need according to your model

Which used equipment for my excavator Liebherr ?

Thanks to our experience, we can provide you with several types of equipment for your wheel excavator. In addition to our cleaning and earthmoving buckets, we also have sorting grippers for recycling centres.  Our cleaning buckets are numerous, of different sizes, some of which can be tilted and can be supplied with the fasteners. Aside from buckets and pliers, we have a wide range of BRH excavators. Our trapezoid bucket offer depends on our machine re-entry.   Need measurements to make sure you have the right bucket? We can give you the in-ear space.  In our web platform, you will also find adjustable buckets. We will not talk about ripping for shovels but arrow buckets (or arrow rake that can also be found on telescopic handlers) exist for this kind of use. We are also at your service to provide you with second-hand stabilizers... Your stabilizers no longer respond and this prevents your excavator from supporting heavy loads? We have pneumatic excavator stabilizers available at the best price.  Of course, at each wheel excavator dismantling, we provide you with wheel reducers.

Need a complete used wheel excavator?

We sell Liebherr tire excavators, contact our sales department for availability. Check by our teams and fully functional, you can freely consult their characteristics and number of hours.  Our experts remain at your disposal for any information on wheel excavator parts or Liebherr equipment. We have been diversifying our activity for several years to provide second-hand construction equipment. Our ads are updated daily.  Thanks to our technicians who provide information on product characteristics, you can find out the condition and accessories of the machine.

The Liebherr wheel excavator, useful on many sites

{This brand's wheeled excavators are renowned for their comfort and precision, and they no longer have to prove their comfort and precision.} {They are also powerful and fuel-efficient, and they are also strong machines with excellent performance.}  The service life of these Liebherr wheeled excavators is no longer to be proven, the brand using parts designed in its own workshops or by specialists. They have multiple functions depending on their arrows (monobloc, variable flight...).   Applications are diverse, it can be used to do various roads and networks.  To facilitate the handling of heavy loads, the excavators have raised cabins. They are great versatile tools, the hydraulic flow and pressure adjustment allows to adapt to different needs. {They are sometimes found on construction sites. They are also used on construction sites.}

TP parts needed for your wheel shovel Liebherr ?

For precise, fast and fluid movements, good hydraulic parts such as a hydraulic motor and solid cylinders are required. That's why we test used hydraulic pumps on the test bench. A problem with a wheel ? Consult our wheel reducers available at the best price. Expert in spare parts for 40 years, we have made tracked excavator and tire parts our main activities. This can range from the engine to a simple joystick inside the cab.  You can find our selection of bridge nosings but also wheel excavator seats.

Spare parts for wheeled excavators Liebherr available in France and worldwide.

Our TP scrap yard is located between Bordeaux and Toulouse and we deliver all over the world. {Ask for example for second-hand wheel excavator parts in Belgium. Finally we are open internationally thanks to our multi-lingual team, our teams speak English and Spanish in order to answer all requests.}

Differents brands of wheel excavators

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