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Used wheel excavator parts

On this page you will find all our spare parts for wheel excavators by brand.

Wheeled excavators, manoeuvrable and versatile excavators on construction sites or in industry

Wheeled excavators are more manoeuvrable, versatile and comfortable than tracked excavators, but never forget that they are less stable. They can receive the same equipment but their applications are different. The choice between wheel excavator and crawler excavator obviously depends on the surface you are working on. For maintenance, make sure to check the condition of the tyres, safety devices and the different levels of oil, water and hydraulic fluid regularly. We also advise you to always have the stabilizers engaged when working and clear the area of anything that could impact the balance of the excavator. Finally, avoid spinning the wheels and never ride on the tires either for a check or to enter the cab of your tire shovel. The wheel excavator can be used for earthworks, urban sites, roadworks (roads and various networks) and handling or in sorting and recycling centres equipped with a grapple. Moreover, at Codimatra, we use a wheeled material handler to move our booms and arms.

Used spare parts for wheel excavators

You can find second-hand spare parts for excavators on wheels such as the chassis, stabilizers but especially all the components of the wheel, such as the wheel reducer, rims and of course the tires.

Used equipment for your wheel excavator

You can benefit from even more equipment on a wheel excavator ! Sorting pliers, handling arrows and many others! Consult our dedicated excavator equipment stock to find the right tool for you. Need a special bucket ? Consult all our buckets for ditching, slicing or trapezoidal buckets. We ensure a quality of service, from the order to the delivery of our used parts. You can collect your part from us in the southwest of France.

Need a used wheel excavator ?

You can also opt for second-hand equipment thanks to our second-hand machinery service. Consult the section on our wheel excavators for sale on our website. The sheets of our products and equipment allow you to know the price, the brand, the model and the number of hours of the machine.

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