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Furukawa track excavator spare parts

Your Furukawa machine has a defective part ? Find on this page all our used spare parts for Furukawa crawler excavators.

The Furukawa tracked excavators are recognized in the construction sector. Parts such as the Furukawa engine, gearbox and hydraulic system have been carefully manufactured by the manufacturers. Spare parts that you can find in our excavator breaker.

The qualities of tracked excavators Furukawa

These tracked excavators have gained a good reputation in recent years for their reliability. In addition, the brand wants to improve their efficiency and reduce the ecological impact on the environment of such excavators and thus reduce emissions. Recognized for their productivity and ease of use, Furukawa chain excavators are very successful on today's construction sites. Furukawa engineers have made it easier to facilitate the chain shovel cycle with easier bucket filling through better movements. Le pivotement en charge de l'engin est fluide et sans encombre.Then the bucket is emptied and finally the return with a quick empty swivel.

What applications for a chain excavator?

Earthmoving is the field of choice for Furukawa chain excavators.  Of course, compared to an tire excavator, these chain excavators are less easy to steer but they gain in stability and strength. Rubish, mud, environment, many details are to be taken into account when choosing your excavator, the heaviest Furukawa crawlers are made to meet the challenges of mother nature. In your choice, you must also take into account the strength and weight of the machine. For a career job, choose a heavy-duty brand excavator with solid or reinforced chain sets.  Safety is essential in the quarry, do not hesitate to choose a shovel with additional protection and giving good visibility. The chain excavator is one of the most representative machines of public works and this because it is the most versatile and can be found for all types of work. The Furukawa excavators can extract, load or handle.  Depending on the tonnage, tracked excavators have different digging and lifting forces, to be taken into account according to the type of work. Depending on the ground cohesion, the choice of the track unit width is very important.  Generally speaking, the wider the construction machinery, the more stable it is.  The only downside is that a wider chain set wears out faster.  In urban areas, use the rubber chain excavator. For mines, models of more than 100 tons exist.

Trailer parts available for your excavator Furukawa

With our 40 years of experience in deconstruction and spare parts, we supply all types of excavator parts. But our specialty and main deconstructed equipment is the tracked excavator.  You feel that your shovel no longer responds as before and that movements are difficult ? We have a large stock of used hydraulic cylinders to optimize the movements of your excavator. Slewing rings also called shovel turrets are also available. Need parts for another machine Furukawa?  Consult all our Furukawa parts on our web platform. Consult all our Furukawa parts on our web platform. Some of the translation motors in our stock come from excavators on deconstructed Furukawa chains. Need rollers? We also sell upper and lower rollers, in addition to idlers. We also have a hydraulic workshop to provide you with hydraulic pumps that can be tested on the bench.  The diesel engine running provides the hydraulic pump with energy that sends the oil to the pendulum cylinders.

Excavator equipment Furukawa available

Codimatra supplies many spare parts but also excavator equipment.  Find our selection of trench buckets Second-hand hydraulic arms and booms at the best price.  It is the richness of the chain excavator equipment that determines the versatility of this formidable construction machine. You can find our selection of available HRMs to break the rock. For demolition, you can opt for shears. For sorting centres, we recommend the use of a sorting grab. We have equipment of different lengths and some have specific features such as monobloc booms or demolition booms. We can provide many shovel blades for front installation, in addition to improving the stability of the excavator, they also allow you to do some levelling. For buckets, we have earth moving, bucket cleaning and many other types of buckets such as trapezoidal buckets or high capacity buckets. For parts, you can request delivery to any country. We delivered parts to 88 countries last year and we are expanding a little more towards America and Asia every day.

Looking for a used crawler excavator ?

Codimatra is not only a construction equipment breaker, we are also a trader of public works equipment. Find the used track excavators available in our used machine category. We update many used construction equipment announcements every week. Used Furukawa excavators have a few hours of use but they are a good choice for your budget.  Availability, features and prices are displayed to simplify your choice of construction machinery.

Different brands of crawler excavators

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