71010 second-hand spare parts for public works equipment

Used tracked excavator parts

We have inventoried our tracked excavator spare parts by corresponding brand below. Click on one of the brands to find all the parts by model by manufacturer brand.

The crawler excavator, omnipresent on site

Spare parts for crawler excavators are our specialty at Codimatra. Chain excavators are present on almost all construction sites. Of course, the tonnages and types of excavators differ according to the applications. The crawler excavator is above all a solid and versatile earth-moving machine. It is the richness of its equipment (booms, arms and buckets) that makes it a real tool carrier in the field of public works. The chain excavator consists of an X-shaped frame with tiled chain sets and on which is mounted a turret with the upper part containing the engine part, the hydraulics and the excavator cab. Thanks to its slewing ring, the excavator can rotate 360 degrees, which makes it very mobile. You can see tracked excavators for remediation work, ditch cleaning, handling or demolition. It all depends on the equipment (brh, cleaning bucket, monobloc boom) and the width of the tiles, the wider the tracks, the less pressure the machine applies to the ground but a shorter tile is more solid. The advantage over a wheel excavator is that the tracks perform better on muddy ground, in addition to being very strong, but it is not as manoeuvrable as a wheel machine.

Codimatra, your supplier of crawler excavator spare parts

We deconstruct many tracked excavators of different tonnages and brands. This is why we have more than 65,000 spare parts references in France and one of the largest fleets of spare parts for construction machinery in Europe. Thanks to our cylinder, hydraulic and engine workshops, we can recondition a technical part as new. Refurbished parts are guaranteed for 12 months. Don't wait any longer to order your chain sets, excavator motor or equipment. Our stock is available on this website. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact our spare parts department composed of multi-brand and multilingual experts.

What are the different brands of original spare parts for crawler excavators ?

We operate as a construction machine breaker. Therefore we offer spare parts for excavators of all brands. We have parts from the most famous European brands such as Liebherr, JCB and Volvo. American brands such as Case and Caterpillar and Japanese brands such as Hitachi or Komatsu. Need parts for other equipment? You can also consult the parts by brand on our website.

What are the different families of second-hand chain excavator parts available at Codimatra?

We have several families of spare parts to replace your crawler excavator. Our categories range from engine and hydraulic parts to bodywork and machine electronics. You can also look at all our undercarriage parts and tanks.

What second-hand equipment and accessories for my tracked excavator ?

Many tracked excavator equipment is available from Codimatra. We have a wide range of different buckets: cleaning, earthmoving, trenching... We also have hydraulic breakwater (brh) and quick couplers with their coupler. Finally we have monoblock or variable flight arrows. Whether you need equipment for your material handler or demolition excavator, contact our team to find the equipment you need, our experts can give you the exact measurements based on the part you need to change.

Are you looking for a used tracked excavator ?

Our service dedicated to the sale of second-hand equipment can offer you several types of crawler excavators at the second-hand price. You can already consult the characteristics of the chain excavators on sale on our website. On the announcement form you can find out the capacity of the buckets equipped, the power and weight of the machine and of course the number of hours of use of the used machine.

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