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Komatsu track loader parts

Komatsu tracked loaders or Komatsu tracks are reliable and innovative.

The tracked loaders Komatsu or tracks Komatsu are robust and reliable. With their steel chain drive, they can work on wet surfaces, unlike tires that can get stuck, the tiles allow the loader to work even on inconsistent ground. Known for their efficiency, their buckets allow them to load in large quantities. These loaders can also drop their load on a screen.

For which applications should tracked loaders be used?

The Komatsu tracked loaders have very good capacities for loading on non-cohesive soil.Loaders are essential in quarries or gravel pits, but tracked loaders are more likely to work on loose soil. With its large loader bucket, the loader can clear large quantities of soil before or after excavation, even on non-cohesive soil. This construction equipment can also be used to backfill holes or trenches. Finally, its main function is to load a lot of materials such as gravel or sand... It can be found in gravel pits or quarries because equipped with a good loading bucket, this machine can load and carry large volumes. Wide chain tracks provide better ground stability. Of course, they are no more manoeuvrable and fast than tire loaders, but they are essential on soft surfaces... Depending on the soil conditions, weather and humidity, the choice between a wheel loader and a tracked loader is made because a wheel loader is always easier to use. It is therefore the distance between loading and unloading the loader bucket that will affect the performance of the tracked loaders. In an urban environment, use rubber chain mini loaders.

Why choose tracked loaders Komatsu ?

Reliable and precise in movement, the Komatsu tracked loaders are very efficient. By innovating from year to year, Komatsu has made these tracked loaders ever more productive and adapted to the needs of public works professionals. Another undeniable advantage that the brand has been able to highlight is the ease of control and maintenance of the brand.

A selection of buckets for your chain loader Komatsu !

You can enjoy on our site a large selection of Komatsu loader buckets... By coming in and deconstructing more than a hundred public works machines per year, including Komatsu loaders, we can offer many buckets. Track loader buckets often have a straight blade or counter-blade. Or with tines to penetrate the ground a little. In mines, there are sometimes special loaders, these need a more abrasion-resistant bucket because of the nature of the work to be done. Expert in spare parts for more than 40 years, Codimatra is able to offer you many loading buckets of all brands. Refer to our selection of high spill buckets. If you are looking for a replacement bucket, our equipment category will satisfy you. Be careful with the loader bucket when it is raised, as this greatly reduces visibility. We advise you to always move around with the bucket down.

Spare parts for your tracked loader Komatsu

We offer used Komatsu but our specialty is the Komatsu chain loader spare part. Do not let an engine failure delay the progress of the work, consult the Komatsu internal combustion engines available in stock.Whether on the web or by phone thanks to our spare parts experts, ask for a quote for the part that you need. We have engines and gearboxes. We also have many parts for the hydraulics of your Komatsu chain loader such as hydraulic pumps.  See our many chain loader covers in pictures Komatsu Our spare parts service remains at your disposal to provide you with the part you need in your country. Need for tracked equipment Komatsu ? Click on our used machine ads !

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