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Used tracked loader parts

By consulting this page, you will find by brand all our used tracked loader parts.

The tracked loader, the machine specialized in loading materials

Their efficiency and large buckets make them the preferred equipment for loading. Also called a track, the loader is mounted on a chain train and can also be used for pushing or levelling.

Codimatra, your supplier of tracked loader spare parts

With our 10 hectare fleet based in Agen, in the southwest of France, we can supply spare parts for all types of construction machinery such as tracked loaders. We bring in many loaders as deconstruction machines during the year. We operate as a machine breaker and our teams deconstruct part by part to offer you the best prices to change defective parts on your chain loader.

For ordering and delivering your spare parts for tracked loaders

At Codimatra, we have a dedicated spare parts department that can provide you with the part you need for your tracked loader. The tracked loader part is available worldwide. We have already delivered to more than 88 countries on all continents. To avoid shipping costs, collection in store at Codimatra is possible.

What are the different brands of original spare parts for tracked loaders?

There are many brands of chain loaders. At Codimatra, we can provide you with parts for Caterpillar, Komatsu or Liebherr chain loaders. Our parts are classified by the loader models from which they were taken. Can't find the right part? It may not be filled in or the machine may not yet be deconstructed.

What are the different families of used tracked loader parts available at Codimatra?

At Codimatra, we classify spare parts by large family. For example, you can find the intercooler in our engine parts. Or a hydraulic pump in the hydraulic parts. The joysticks of the tracked loader in the electronic part. You can also find all our cylinders classified by type as well as our sprockets and rollers for the chain drive of your tracked loader.

What second-hand equipment and accessories for a tracked loader ?

Find all our used buckets for your tracked loader. We have loading buckets or high dump buckets with high volume.

Are you looking for a used tracked loader ?

If you require a complete chain loader, we recommend that you visit our used machines section or contact this department directly. Consult the product sheets to find out the power, bucket capacity, weight and availability of our used machines.

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