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Double roller compactors Bomag

The Bomag tandem rollers have different names. Here we use the term tandem to refer to a Bomag double bead compactor. Some TP professionals could define tandem as double tires, if you are looking for this type of equipment, consult our category of tire roller. These compactors are construction machines recognizable by their double balls, one at the front and the other at the rear.  They are also called tandem vibrating rollers due to the cylinders. Tandem compactors are classified according to the pressure they can exert on the ground (taking into account the mass of these machines).

Why choose Bomag tandem rollers?

A Bomag tandem compactor is still an excellent choice for finishing. They are frequently found on highway construction sites. The most powerful will be ideal for compacting backfill or base layers.  At the wheel of a Bomag tandem roller, the driver has a good view of the area in both forward and reverse and a comfortable seat. The most recent Bomag models benefit from automated vibration frequencies to accurately compact the soil.

Tandem rollers Bomag for different soils

Generally speaking, the tandem compactor is used for asphalt compaction or other depending on the country. The Bomag tandem roller may indeed compact asphalt. They have become a reference for finishing work. They can also be used for granular materials. The addition of electronic dashboards is possible or are integrated depending on the machines. The innovations brought by the Bomag engineers allow an ever more precise compaction in record time. In addition, they are easy for the operator to maintain. At a glance, you can control the important parts of the machine at a glance.  If you have a breakdown, choose to call our spare parts department.

Specific parts for tandem rollers Bomag

To operate the vibrating rollers, it is necessary to have a good hydraulic vibration motor. To prevent the mixture from sticking to the cylinders, they have small watering cans to prevent them from sticking too much. You can find squeegees for compactors. You can find cab parts such as doors or seats in our company.  To avoid reducing your productivity, it is important to perform regular maintenance.

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