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Used tandem compactor parts

On this page, you can find our spare parts by brand of tandem rollers.

Tandem compactors, machines designed for asphalt

These vibrating rollers are excellent machines for compacting asphalt during the construction of roads or highways. It is also found on soil development work, it is essential to level the surface and make the soil more solid. Whatever the model, the double bead compactor is one of the most powerful. These two vibrating rollers, once activated, allow a very efficient compaction of bitumen mixtures on road construction sites. Smaller tandem roller models can be used to handle confined areas such as sidewalks, garage entrances, curbs or bike paths.

All our spare parts for tandem compactors

With our teams specialized in the deconstruction of machines, we are able to offer you spare parts from the biggest brands of tandem compactors such as Bomag, Ammann or Dynapac. We receive all types of compactors, some with a cockpit, others with an open driving position. You can therefore find all our tandem compactor spare parts such as the hydraulic vibration motor and of course vibrating cylinders.

Used beads for tandem compactor

You can find on our website, a section dedicated to the tandem compactor balls available. Our parts are all second-hand. For asphalt mixes, the balls are cooled by a sprinkler system and this prevents the asphalt from sticking.

Used complete tandem compactor

Are you interested in purchasing a tandem compactor ? In addition to the spare part, we also offer second-hand compactors. Contact our used machine department to make your choice with the following information : working width, bead vibration frequency and number of hours of used equipment.

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