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Single drum compactors Bomag second-hand

The Bomag mixed compactors have different names.  In this case, we will use the term mixed to refer to a compactor with a ball at the front and tires at the rear. The term single ball is frequently used by public works professionals, which means that the rear is pneumatic.  These mixed compactors are easily differentiated by the fact that they have a large vibrating cylinder at the front and large tires at the rear. What is important when choosing a compactor is its mass and the pressure it can exert on the ground.

Why choose the mixed compactor Bomag

The Bomag compactors are very versatile. This is why they are found in many professionals with different ball widths.The heaviest will be superb for this quarry, the latest models will be adapted for compaction of loose soils. Indeed, mixed compactors are designed for difficult soil.  The aim is to have such a high ground pressure that the compaction allows other machines of several tons like a loader to work in complete peace of mind. Namely, the cabins or canopies of the Bomag mixed compactors provide excellent visibility and luxurious comfort. The latest technologies developed allow the compactor to properly regulate vibration frequencies. Finally, the large rear tires provide more maneuverability than other types of compactors.

Differents applications for mixed compactors Bomag

This type of machine is excellent for compacting non-cohesive soil.  These Bomag mixed compactors are also used for gravel.  They can also be used for granular materials.  The front ball is equipped with scrapers to clean the roller of small stones that could impact the productivity of this vibrating roller. The latest innovations brought by Bomag allow a reliable compaction that prevents machines such as dump trucks from getting stuck in the mud. Easy to handle in both forward and reverse, the Bomag provides a productivity advantage. They can also be used for VRD to protect underground installations from bad weather thanks to high quality compaction.

Specific spare parts for mixed compactors Bomag

Optimize the service life and operation of the front ball with a good used hydraulic motor. The rear tires must also be checked for wear. Any compactor using vibration requires hydraulic vibration motors, and it is also necessary to check the proper functioning of the various hydraulic parts linked to the articulation cylinders. Searching for new parts for a Bomag is not easy. At Codimatra, you can choose used parts such as tanks. Your Bomag compactor has a failure ? Consult the balls available on our website or call us directly. The strength of the cabin is important, they are in most cases equipped with a ROPS or FOPS to limit damage and provide protection to the driver. Do you need equipment for compacting ? Don't hesitate to consult our announcements of used machines.  Contact our used equipment department to find out about the availability of the various machines. Thanks to our spare parts fleet in Agen, we benefit from many parts of the Bomag.

Different brands of mixed compactors

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