71010 second-hand spare parts for public works equipment

Used single drum rollers parts

You can find on this page, all our spare parts by brand of mixed compactors (ball and tires).

Mixed compactors, machines designed to compact different soils

The mixed compactor, also known as a single-cylinder compactor, has a vibrating roller at the front and a set of tires at the rear. This mix makes it versatile because it can compact asphalt (top coats for example) but also more difficult soils. It is an articulated machine that is very handy. Its rear set of tires applies a surface sealing effect. To add mass and compact more efficiently, the compactor can be weighted. This type of compactor can also compact sand layers or gravel in quarries. This type of compactor perfectly combines the vibration effect and the kneading effect obtained by the weight of the machine and its tires. The single drum compactor is also useful for compacting uneven soils.

Second-hand spare parts for mixed compactor at Codimatra

Spare parts have been at the heart of our business for over 40 years.  With construction machinery dismantling teams, but also engine and hydraulic workshops to allow the reconditioning of spare parts as new, we can supply spare parts from famous brands of mixed compactors such as Hamm, Caterpillar and especially Bomag. Feel free to consult the different original models of the spare parts. You can find the hydraulic parts, transmission parts or the mixed compactor cabin.

Used balls and tires for mixed compactor

With the arrival each year of mixed compactors for deconstruction, we have a large stock of vibrating rollers and used tires that can be installed on mixed compactors.

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