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Used scraper parts

By consulting this page, you will find by brand all our used scraper parts.

The scraper, the machine for covering long distances

The scraper is a special earth-moving machine. This machine opens its bucket to strip the surface. The scraper needs a lot of power or a bull at the back that pushes it when it scraps the ground. Another technique consists in using several scrapers, the empty one pushes the one who is stripping, then the one who is full closes her bucket and pulls the one behind her who fills herself. These self-propelled machines are equipped with very powerful internal combustion engines. The front part is a dumper base, it is connected to the bucket with a joint in its centre. Thanks to their large buckets, these machines are literally designed to "move" mountains of land.

Codimatra, your supplier of scraper spare parts

Although we mainly deconstruct excavators and loaders, we sometimes return and deconstruct scrapers to offer you second-hand spare parts. That's why you can find some spare parts in our stock from original scrapers of the leading brands of construction machinery such as Caterpillar.

For ordering and delivering your spare parts for scrapers

To order a specific scraper part, do not hesitate to contact our spare parts department. We can deliver a scraper spare part in metropolitan France within a maximum of 72 hours. We deliver parts all over the world. In 2018, we worked with more than 88 countries on all continents. Of course, if you wish, you can come or have your scraper part removed from our spare parts park near Agen, in the southwest of France.

What are the different families of second-hand scrapers parts at Codimatra ?

Our spare parts are classified by major families, such as engine and hydraulic parts. Thus you can find scrapers tires in our category tires and rims. Or hydraulic pumps and distributors. Finally, we also have alternators and internal combustion engines.

Need a used scraper ?

If you want a complete scraper at a lower cost, opt for a second-hand scraper. We have a Caterpillar 627 scraper for sale.

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