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Komatsu rigid dumper spare parts

Used spare parts for Komatsu rigid dump trucks by model below.

Komatsu has designed very solid rigid dumpers. This type of machine is the machine of choice for transporting heavy materials or large volumes. With their huge tippers, these rigid trucks excel at short distances. They are also called dumpers but we use this term to refer to a front dump truck (compact and handy model with a bucket at the front).

The main characteristics of Komatsu rigid dumpers

Branded rigid trucks have above all a high volume bucket to benefit from a good transportable payload. When choosing the model, it is important to take into account the type, volume and height of the sides of the dump body.  To be sure to have a productive rigid dump truck, take into account the power of the machine, you will save a lot of time once loaded.

The advantages of rigid trucks Komatsu

Komatsu is attentive to the needs of operators and drivers of construction machines. These trucks meet above all a productivity need, they move quickly even when loaded and have a high capacity.  The reliability of the parts and hydraulic cylinders ensures a good service life of this construction equipment. The driver is safe and has good visibility, but be careful when moving, as he has locked the bucket and made sure of its position when moving. The power of the dump truck motors is designed for loaded movement. Acquiring a Komatsu is a cost, but it is a guarantee of reliable and durable equipment.  The ease of control and maintenance is also a plus for the operator and daily work.

What TP spare parts for a $ brand rigid truck?

You can find buckets of different types such as flat-bottomed or V-bottomed buckets. Tyres are also very important, and you will find at Codimatra major tyre brands such as Michelin or Bridgestone.  From our TP breakage activity, we bring in many rigid trucks intended to be resold as second-hand spare parts. That's why we can supply Komatsu truck calendars, cabins and decks.  We do not recommend that you try to mount a used truck or ampliroll dumpster (or 6x4 or 8x4 used dumpster) on a Komatsu rigid dumpster.  Nothing beats original Komatsu parts.   Codimatra, thanks to its experience in parts, has a large stock of second-hand parts. We operate as a construction machine breaker, with the re-entry of all makes of rigid trucks that we deconstruct or resell as second-hand construction machines. Our parts fleet is located in the South West, near Agen, but we deliver to more than 88 countries (in 2018) and hope to expand into new markets.  Need a complete truck? Feel free to consult our listings of used tp equipment.  Acquiring a brand truck is a significant cost, which is why we offer used trucks at the used price. Consult the hours, photos and year of origin to choose from among the TP equipment ads.

What applications for a Komatsu rigid truck?

These public works machines have two working environments. First of all on earthmoving sites because Komatsu rigid dump trucks are references as solid material conveyors.  Then there are also some in the quarry because they are real transport monsters. The 100-ton rigid dump trucks are impressive machines, with large buckets. This is why they are very successful in the various mines and quarries that require transporting either large volumes of sand and gravel or very heavy rocks. The rigid dump truck is not intended for small construction sites or urban areas, as the smallest models are around 30 tons.  Their manoeuvrability is not their strong point, but this is not due to the manufacturer but rather to the rigidity. If you are looking for robustness and high load capacity, they are made for your fleet of TP equipment. The choice between articulated and rigid is made according to the cohesion of the ground. Do not use it for agricultural work either, as it is not suitable for this type of soil, although the use of a large bucket may be tempting.

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