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Tire compactor used Richier

Richier wheel compactors can also be called tandem compactors because they have two sets of tires.  In Codimatra, tandem compactors refer to double ball compactors.These wheel compactors differ from others in size and application.  These pneumatic rollers do not need to vibrate to do their job, so it is their weight that is important.

Why choose wheel compactors Richier

The Richier compactors are very wide to provide more compaction area and thus reduce working time. Indeed, in addition to the width of the tires, it is necessary to count the offset of the latter for more surface, and the tires are offset so as not to create differences. It can be seen on many motorway sites, for finishing and thin layers, and is the essential machine for finishing and thin layers. Its main role is to compact the last layers of asphalt or gravel. The pressure on the ground is generated by its weight, we can even add weights. There are several categories of wheel compactors, depending on the load per wheel: P1, P2, P3.  To add weight in working order, water weights can be added as an option.  With his larges wheels, there is no us of the vibratory cylinder  The Richier compactor is excellent for sealing. Drivers know that the models are very manoeuvrable and the driver's seat is comfortable. Compactors drivers should opt for Richier tire compactors.

Compactor failure? Opt for second-hand spare parts !

Although very strong, the compactor parts are subject to high wear and tear.  Find parts such as a converter or gearbox. By bringing back many machines all year round, Codimatra can provide engines, converters and brakes for your Richier. Tyres can be covered to protect them from high temperatures.   This brand being famous, new parts require a certain budget. For example, you can find our compensation cylinders for Richier compactors.  Do you notice any malfunctions on your Richier wheel compactor?   In fact, do not hesitate to consult our hydraulic pumps. You want to buy branded equipment?  Contact our used equipment department directly. Find tire compactors of different brands.  Whether you want spare parts or machines, our teams remain at your service.

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