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Used tire roller parts

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Tire compactors, the compactor for top coats

The tire roller differs from the others by its often imposing size, and its two sets of tires. Indeed, it must be heavy because it is its mass that will determine its soil compaction capacity, which is why it has compartments that can accommodate ballast. This weight allows it to compact the last layers of asphalt on road or motorway works, they can also be used on soils with thin layers. It is considered a static compactor and its tire trains have a kneading effect. It can be found on almost all road works, coupled with a tandem compactor.

Second-hand spare parts for pneumatic road rollers at Codimatra

Codimatra, Europe's leading TP spare parts company, is able to supply spare parts for all types of rollers. Our 10 hectare fleet includes many references of wheel compactor parts from major brands of construction machinery manufacturers such as the Caterpillar PS300B compactors. You can find, for example, the bridge nose, hydraulic pump and gearbox of this model.

Used tire set for wheel compactor

Are you looking for tire sets? Contact our spare parts department to find out what parts or equipment are available for your compactor. We will do our best to deliver the part as soon as possible and worldwide. All our parts are second-hand.

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