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Paver parts

You will find on this page all the finisher parts we have, by brand.
Paverers, road builders but not only !

A paver is an indispensable tool for motorway companies. He places the asphalt mixture in place, which is then compacted. It spreads, levels and smoothes this mixture of gravel and sand. This is achieved thanks to a large, heated table so that the asphalt does not harden until it is well spread. Some models can even be pre-compacted with tuning fork. The latest compactors effectively smooth this mixture to avoid producing irregularities. Of course, there is no substitute for the use of a compactor to strengthen cohesion. In addition to their use in the road construction sector, they can also be used for concrete casting (with slipform) or curbing. The trucks deposit the mixture in the hopper, which will eventually pass through the paver screed using the conveyor. Then, the paver pushes the truck to completely empty the contents of its dump and spread the asphalt at the same time. It is a device that can be mounted on wheels or tracks.

Our paver parts by brand

Currently, we have paver parts from the VOGELE and BITELLI brands. Bitelli was an Italian company known for its compactors but most importantly known for creating one of the first pavers in 1978, the company was acquired by Caterpillar in 2000. Vögele is a brand of the Wirtgen Group specialising in pavers.

Spare parts for pavers at the used price

For the BB632 and Vogele 1600 paver models, you can find the internal combustion engine, main or secondary hydraulic pumps. You can also find tires or a hydraulic drive motor.

Used complete paver for export

You can find among our used machines a Marini MF331 paver. This material can be exported abroad. Consult the ad directly for more information or contact our second-hand machine sales department.

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