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O&K Grader spare parts

Find all our used parts for your O&K motor grader.

The models of O&K motor graders have proven their worth in applications requiring precise conditioning.  Recognizable by its six tires and central blade, they excel in road works. The tonnage can range from a minimum of 11 tons to about 60 tons depending on the model.  In terms of power, it can vary from 125 hp to 500 hp.

Spare parts for motor graders O&K

In addition to equipment such as blades, you can find many specific spare parts for O&K graders such as certified original O&K engines. You can also find hydraulic pumps or starters and alternators for O&K graders. We can also supply the central blade slewing ring.  Of course, do not hesitate to contact our spare parts department for tires, rims, complete wheels or grader cabins. For information, we are not only an equipment breaker, if you wish, you can use our machine repair service. Consult our large stock of used cylinders available for sale.

What are the best equipment for O&K graders?

The central blade, essential to enjoy, is not the only equipment of the O&K grader. To overcome earth piles, choosing a front blade is a good option. A ripper, also called a scarifier can be installed to decompact the soil. The latest models of O&K graders generally benefit from levelling assistance to be more precise. For your information, in the agricultural sector, some tractors use hydraulic levelling blades.

For which jobs can I use a O&K grader?

In a country like Canada, with snow and wide roadways, it is not uncommon to cross a O&K grader with snow removal equipment. But its main function is to treat the ground.  It can also be used to maintain the runways. These graders are also used to make slopes. The O&K grader can also adjust shape bottoms. They are also very effective in regenerating asphalt mixtures during road construction or rehabilitation.

The most important of the O&K motor graders

The best thing about this brand is the care taken with the controls.   It is the perfect balance between productivity and precision.  And this whatever the need for a treat.  The motor is known for its long service life.  The O&K graders are the delight of operators. Control and maintenance is made easier because the manufacturers of construction machinery have fully understood this problem. Send us a photo of your part to replace so that we can find you a second hand part as soon as possible certified as original O&K.

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