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Fiat Hitachi grader spare parts

All our used spare parts available for Fiat Hitachi motor graders.

Public works professionals love Fiat Hitachi motor graders. This six-tire machine is excellent for mixing on road works.  The tonnage can range from a minimum of 11 tons to about 60 tons depending on the model.  The power of a motor grader can range from 125 hp to 500 hp.

Our used parts for motor graders Fiat Hitachi

In addition to equipment such as a central grader blade, we have many used Fiat Hitachi parts such as slewing rings from Fiat Hitachi equipment. You can also find hydraulic pumps or starters and alternators for Fiat Hitachi graders. We can also supply the central blade slewing ring.  Of course, do not hesitate to contact our spare parts department for tires, rims, complete wheels or grader cabins. We also offer a repair service.  Consult our large stock of used cylinders available for sale.

What are the best equipment for Fiat Hitachi graders?

The central blade is of course the essential tool for these graders.  To overcome earth piles, choosing a front blade is a good option. Scarifiers can be added to the Fiat Hitachi models, usually a larger one at the rear but also a smaller one at the front. You can also find assisted levelling equipment such as GPS assistance. If you work in agriculture, you know that tractors use hydraulic levelling blades.

What are the possible applications with a Fiat Hitachi grader?

The Fiat Hitachi grader can be used to clear snow with its blade, in Nordic countries with large lanes for example, by being equipped with a front grader blade or snow removal equipment. The treatment and levelling remains nevertheless the speciality of the Fiat Hitachi graders  They are sometimes used for runway maintenance. This construction machine can be used to treat materials or to make slopes.  The Fiat Hitachi grader can also adjust shape bottoms.  Fiat Hitachi graders are seen on highway and road construction sites because they are very effective on finishing work.

The most important of the Fiat Hitachi motor graders

The grader drivers know that the orders for the Fiat Hitachi are reactive.  It is the perfect balance between productivity and precision. And this for any job to be done.  The bridges and tandems are very solid.  The Fiat Hitachi models are known for their reliability.  Control and maintenance is made easier because the manufacturers of construction machinery have fully understood this problem. Fill in the references of your series to know the original parts available.

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