71036 second-hand spare parts for public works equipment

Used grader parts

Below, by brand, all our spare parts from motor graders. All our motor grader parts are at the price of the occasion.

The motor grader, essential for surface levelling

The grader, recognizable by its long shape, its 6 tires and its central blade is a material used to level the ground, to make surface adjustments. This public works equipment is used for earthworks (to level the ground after the works) but also for roadworks to effectively regale asphalt mixtures, during this type of work, the grader is associated with tandem, mixed or wheel compactors. It is a machine that allows high precision, either through the experience of the machine operator on older models, or by adding electronic assistance tools that calculate the optimal blade angle according to the ground. This equipment is effective for material registration, embankment and road works. In some countries, its wide blade is used for snow removal on wide roads. Its swivel blade, called a grader shield, is activated via a blade lifting cylinder and placed on the blade carrier circle.

Codimatra, your supplier of motor grader spare parts

The core of our activity concerns second-hand spare parts. We deconstruct all types of construction machinery. This is why you can find used motor grader parts at the best price in our fleet of construction machine spare parts. This allows you to order grader parts such as wheels and tires. The articulation and the blade cylinder for example. Or the grader cabin.

The grader part can be delivered in metropolitan France within 72 hours or worldwide. We have already worked with more than 88 countries on all continents. You can collect your part from us to avoid shipping costs or have it delivered via our network of carriers.

What are the different brands of original spare parts for motor graders ?

There are several brands of motor grader manufacturers. You can find famous brands of motor graders such as Caterpillar or John Deere. As we specialize in second-hand, it is not uncommon to have spare parts from manufacturers' brands that no longer exist (or bought back) such as O&K or Faun motor graders.

What are the different families of used grader parts available at Codimatra ?

Our grader parts are classified by large family, then by sub-family. Within the engine parts, you can consult the internal combustion engine, the alternator or the starter. The hydraulic rotation motor is located in our hydraulic parts. You can also find all our cylinders classified by type, including the blade offset or blade tilt cylinder.

What used equipment and accessories for my motor grader ?

Find all the available grader blades. You can also equip your motor grader with a ripper at the rear.

Are you looking for a used motor grader ?

Need a complete motor grader? You can contact our dedicated service for used machinery or consult the graders available. You can know the equipment, the number of hours of the machine, the year, the power or the condition of the tires.

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