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Used sheep's foot compactor parts

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Sheep foot compactors, two possible uses

There are two types of sheep's foot rollers, the first is the roller with tires at the rear and a sheep's foot log at the front. This log is called like this because it is supposed to recreate the compaction performed by a herd. These compactors can also be called padfoot compactors, because of the steel segments on the ball. This cylinder allows easy penetration of the soil by shearing, it is very useful on coherent soil. It is the recommended compactor for clay soils, as it applies a mixing effect.

The second type of compactor is the waste compactor, which, instead of having a sheep's foot roller at the front, has 4 waste compactor wheels with teeth to drive the waste into the ground. They are seen in sorting centres, often equipped with a large special blade designed to remove waste piles. Because of this environment, it requires a solid chassis and a sealed cab to protect the driver from what is released by the waste.

Need sheep's foot compactor parts ?

Whether it is waste compactors or padfoot compactors, we have spare parts for all types of compactors. We have technical parts such as the internal combustion engine, hydraulic distributor and gearbox that can be sold as is at the best price or reconditioned new by our workshops. We also sell compactor cabins and their various protections.

Used balls and wheels for sheep's foot compactor

Is your ball damaged or worn? We have many compaction beads in stock. You can also find all the waste compactor wheels available at the used price.

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