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Since the beginning of their existence, the Komatsu bulls have left their mark on the construction sites. On this page, you can choose the model you want to find the corresponding Komatsu part:

Bull models from Komatsu are a reference among public works professionals. Did you know that Komatsu bulldozers exist in toys for the most passionate ? Generally, Komatsu bulldozers are mounted on tracks. These imposing earth-moving machines have a push blade to move soil or debris. The arms holding the blade and being on the chain train are called the longitudinal members. For your information, this machine has different names. Bouteur in French (a term more commonly used in Quebec), angledozer or tiltdozer depending on the type of blade used.

For various activities, think of the Komatsu bulldozer

The prices of new cars are soaring with the notoriety of the Komatsu bulldozers. Among the earthmoving machines, the Komatsu bull is an essential one because it can push but also level thanks to its blade. The hydraulic mechanism allows the blade to be raised or lowered, while the hydraulic cylinders allow the blade to move. The low position of the Komatsu bulldozer blade allows the earth to be scraped. There are several possible positions: low, intermediate and high according to the needs and terrain, and three possible positions for the blade according to the desired application: high, intermediate and low. Did you know that many bulldozers were used for post-war reconstruction? With its power and blade, the bulldozer is used to push debris in the event of home demolition. To be precise, you will need a Komatsu bulldozer in many areas that are levelling, stripping or land reclamation. This is why it is not uncommon to see this type of construction machinery in the agricultural or mining sector, which is why it is often found in forestry work.

Best used bulldozer equipment Komatsu

A Komatsu bulldozer is more versatile than we think, thanks to the diversity of its equipment.  The most common is called the straight blade, it is widely used because it is the preferred tool for levelling the ground.   The universal blade, however, is used instead for pushing, picking up and transporting thanks to its U-shaped shape.   Finally, a blade combining the two exists and is mainly used to clean debris.  You can find on our site many Komatsu bulldozer blades, even perhaps the largest Komatsu bulldozer, of course the blade is always replaceable to adapt the bulldozer to your needs and gain in productivity.  Bulldozer blades can reach up to 6 meters and must be adapted proportionally according to the width of the bulldozer model Komatsu. The other well-known equipment of bulldozers is the ripper.  It is not mandatory, but it is a significant additional tool that can be found on many Komatsu angledozer. The router is used to decompact the soil, the number of teeth will depend on the rigidity of the soil, it will be easier to penetrate the soil with a single tooth.  Always check if you have the ripper inserted when you move because it requires a lot of engine power.

Need spare parts for your dozer Komatsu ?

On this page, you will find all our Komatsu dozer models. In addition to our category for Komatsu  bulldozer equipment, you can find many types of bulldozer spare parts. You can also find many parts related to engines such as alternators and starters, for example our gearboxes and reducers in the transmission category. You may also need all undercarriage parts such as a chain drive or tension spring. {For the delivery of used bulldozer parts we can take care of finding the best carriers by truck to handle your order... Thanks to our network of carriers (trucks, ferries...), we can offer you our best carriers in Europe and around the world. Our parts are all second-hand and guarantee you the best price because new Komatsu bulldozer parts are not cheap. In our spare parts store, you can come and collect the Komatsu bubble parts yourself to save you shipping costs. At Codimatra, you can also choose to collect the Komatsu bubble part in store at the best price.

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