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Used bulldozer parts

On this page, you will find all the used bubble parts and equipment available at Codimatra. We have many brands that are : 

The bulldozer, the earth-moving machine by excellence

One of the most famous construction machines, bulldozers are generally imposing and their strength impresses. The power of their engines and wide blades allow them to do heavy earthwork and pushing. This machine, also called a bulldozer, is a tracked or pneumatic tractor (wheel bulldozer). It is also called an angledozer because with its angled blade, it can throw the excavated material to the side.

Codimatra, your supplier of bulldozer spare parts

Codimatra, an expert in spare parts for 40 years, supplies many spare parts. We provide used parts to replace defective parts on your machines that have failed or no longer respond as before. We bring in all types of machines and models that we deconstruct like bulldozers in order to provide spare parts at the best price in their original condition or reconditioned. Stay alert on the latest deconstructions to find out the latest bulldozer parts available.

Order and delivery of your bulldozer spare parts

You can place an order with our technical sales representatives who are experts in parts for construction machinery. If you want a reconditioned part, our workshops will start working to provide you with a part as new. Thanks to our network of carriers and our Codimatra truck, the delivery of our products can be done worldwide. If you do not wish to have any shipping costs, you can always choose to pick up your order at our point of sale near Agen, in the South West of France.

What are the different brands of original bulldozer spare parts ?

We have original parts from several brands such as the American brand Caterpillar or the Japanese brand Komatsu. But also second-hand spare parts from the very solid Liebherr bulldozers.

What are the different families of used bulldozer parts available at Codimatra?

At Codimatra, we have different categories of bulldozer parts in stock. Find all our parts related to the engine part or the complete engine. You can also consult the hydraulic parts of the bull as a hydraulic pump. Also find body parts and dozer cabs. Finally find all the used chain sets for your angledozer.

What second-hand equipment and accessories for a bulldozer?

What would a bulldozer be without the right equipment? You can find specific bull blades but also rippers to decompact the soil.

Looking for a used bulldozer ?

We also sell complete construction equipment. We do not make new, that is why you can freely consult the number of hours on our ads. The purchase of a used bubble allows you to save money and increase your fleet of machines at the lowest cost.

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