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Used backhoe loader parts

By consulting this page, you can see all the backhoe loader parts available by manufacturer brand and then by model.

The backhoe loader, the most versatile of all public works machines.

Need to do earthmoving but also loading ? The backhoe loader is perfect for a variety of tasks. Also known as a backhoe loader, this machine can be used to make trenches, dig swimming pools or for agricultural work. With its backhoe equipment, and its loader stretcher at the front, it is one of the most versatile and will delight professionals in the construction industry (roads and various networks) but also building craftsmen. It is a good solution for small communities because its versatility allows it to do a lot of light work and other applications requiring either a loading bucket or a shovel arm. Another undeniable advantage is that it can easily travel on roads, so it does not require a trailer to move between work areas.

Second-hand spare parts for backhoe loaders

All our backhoe loader parts in stock are available on the site. We can supply used spare parts for all makes of backhoe loaders. For example, original JCB, Case or Caterpillar parts. We can recondition technical parts such as the internal combustion engine and hydraulic parts such as the pump. You can find typical parts of backhoe loaders such as the stretcher or tires of different sizes but also the rims. Finally you can also find all our machine hoods in pictures.

Used equipment for backhoe loaders

The backhoe loader has a large number of equipment, which can be equipped with buckets for loading and unloading materials, but with all the equipment of a standard excavator, many equipment are compatible. You can find the essential sticks and booms for the backhoe part. But also specific tools such as the hydraulic breaker, the sorting clamp and many other buckets very useful for earthmoving and various construction sites.

Need a used backhoe loader ?

We benefit from the experience of more than 40 years in the field of construction machinery parts, but not only that. We also have a service dedicated to second-hand machines. Find all our second-hand backhoes available for sale on Codimatra. Consult the public work equipment announcements to know the number of hours and equipment.

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