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Used articulated wheel loader parts

On this page, you will find all the articulated wheel loader parts available at Codimatra. Below are the parts by brand and then the parts by model.

The articulated wheel loader, the ideal machine for any load

Recognizable with its wide tires and stretcher, the articulated wheel loader is the king of loading. More manoeuvrable than a tracked loader, however, it must be used on hard ground to avoid getting stuck. He is often near a dumper into which he pours the contents of his loader bucket or GHD. The articulated wheel loader can be used to move excavated soil on a earthmoving site, but many are found in quarries or gravel pits whose productivity depends on its machines. For work in urban areas, it is preferable to have a compact construction machine, such as a compact wheel loader.

Consult our used spare parts for wheel loaders at Codimatra

We have been spare parts specialists for 40 years. Our teams deconstruct many wheel loaders. We have the best prices because all our parts are second-hand. Delivery is possible in France and all over the world. This is why you will find many parts specific to articulated wheel loaders such as the stretcher or the articulation, we also have many used tires of different sizes. Finally, you can also find parts such as the transfer case.

Second-hand equipment available at Codimatra for your articulated wheel loader.

Among our equipment for wheel loaders, you can find the stretcher return and also the bulky buckets. Different models of loader buckets are in stock and especially the possibility of using a high discharge bucket.

Used articulated loaders on complete wheels

Need a wheel loader for your work ? Check our loader listings to find the one with the right tonnage and equipment. We offer chargers from all the major manufacturers' brands. Thanks to our teams, we provide a maximum of information on our used equipment such as the number of hours of the articulated wheel loader.

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