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O&K articulated dumper spare parts

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The O&K articulated dumpers are very effective in many situations. With its articulation and powerful motor, it overcomes the most difficult terrain. This construction truck has the best features to efficiently transport materials.  Dumper, we use the term articulated dump truck to differentiate it from the rigid and front dump truck.

What are the capacities of the O&K articulated dump truck?

To improve the deceleration and be more precise, the trucks benefit from a hydraulic retarder placed in its gearbox in addition to an engine brake. Thanks to original manipulators, the driver activates this deceleration. Aware of the heavy loads that the articulated trucks carry every day, the manufacturer reinforces the quality of the suspensions.  Therefore, the suspensions resist the weight of the bucket loaded to the maximum. The articulated dumper, as its name suggests, is separated in two parts by a central articulation.  The weight of the engine and cab balances the weight of the load at the rear for more stability. They can be driven in 6 wheel drive depending on the model. Finally, the dump body of the O&K articulated dumpers is capable of transporting a large volume of material according to the different shapes.

The best advantages of articulated trucks O&K

First of all, the O&K truck cab is very comfortable and allows you to easily be at the wheel of this truck. Maintaining your machine is very simple thanks to easy access from the ground. O&K wants to make its articulated trucks examples of reliability and quality.  It is thanks to these transport equipment that productivity explodes in the quarry.  With their high-volume buckets, the most imposing models are efficiency monsters.  More and more environmentally friendly, the latest models benefit from more economical engines that consume less fuel.These are construction machines designed for difficult conditions. Good visibility from inside the cab improves safety on site or in the quarry.

Finding spare parts for articulated dump trucks O&K

You see a faulty part on your O&K equipment? Check our stock and references to find the right spare part for you. Are you looking for a used engine?  Take advantage of the best prices on our used spare parts.  With our machine deconstructions, we supply many internal combustion engine parts and radiators.  Do you have a problem with your starter? Do not wait any longer to replace it.  Is your articulated truck tank leaking? Find our category of used tanks...  We supply TP spare parts all over the world for all professionals, used parts for construction, earthmoving, VRD

On which floors and for which applications to use an articulated dumper O&K?

The O&K articulated dump trucks are designed to work on uneven surfaces.  This transport unit is not afraid of depressions and other irregularities. It corrects the defects of its rigid counterpart.  By being more manageable thanks to its joint.

Our used branded equipment

Codimatra is not only a supplier of spare parts, we also provide among our products construction machinery at the best price.  Our TP equipment announcements will allow you to know as much information as possible such as the year of construction, the power and of course the number of hours of the machine.

Different brands of articulated trucks

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