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Used articulated truck parts

On this page, by brand, you will find all the parts available for articulated trucks.

Articulated trucks, the transport equipment that adapts to the difficulties of the terrain

Manoeuvrable and with a central articulation, articulated dumpers are the delight of dump truck drivers. Nothing scares this transport equipment, ground irregularities, uneven ground, it is designed to adapt thanks to an articulation system. Easy to handle, in addition to the articulation, what differentiates it from a tipper truck is the (sometimes double-acting) tipper cylinder, which allows it to quickly pour the contents of its tipper. These trucks are essential on difficult terrain (slopes, mud...) and bring a real productivity boost when coupled to a heavy-duty excavator. The important thing about an articulated vehicle is the power of the engine, the maximum payload but also the dome capacity to double the volume.

Second-hand spare parts for articulated trucks

You can consult on our website, all our used parts for all types of machines. Discover all our spare parts for articulated trucks of all brands. For example, find spacious cabins of Komatsu trucks, Volvo truck axles or Michelin tires. In the event of a breakdown of your articulated truck, we are able to provide you with the second-hand part you need. We have many parts related to the engine assembly, but also tipper cylinders for dump trucks. Finally, do not hesitate to consult our section dedicated to tyres for construction machinery. The delivery of spare parts can be made in metropolitan France within 72 hours if it does not require reconditioning or worldwide through our network of carriers.

Need a used articulated dump truck ?

Need a new truck for your business? Choose a second-hand articulated truck. Contact our used equipment department directly or consult the ads on our website. Each articulated truck is second-hand and is examined as soon as it arrives at our premises in order to determine the number of hours, the condition of the tires, the type of dumpster...

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