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Hydraulic power: no movement possible without it !

What would our machines do without hydraulic system? We would have used mechanic models with its limited reach and lifting force.

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12290 items

The machine hydraulic system can be compared to another extraordinary machine that is the human body, blood and muscle.

The main pump, the hydraulic control valve, is the heart of the machine. The pump can work through the energy of the diesel engine, hydraulic pressure and flow rate directed by the driver from his cab joysticks controlling the distributor will bring strength and power to the blade cylinders, bucket cylinders, stick cylinders.

You'll understand that the blood of the machine is hydraulic oil. A truly vital fluid.

Transmission of movement requested by operator is granted via the cylinders. The oil should be slightly viscous, it is often Monograde 10W. It allows limited heating of moving parts and pump housing.

Pumps, distributors,  cylinders have micron tolerance set. That is why it is important to change the oil, replace the filters regularly and inspect the seals and moving parts.

We must not forget that the hydraulic circuit operates at 350 bar pressure for nearly a shovel at a rate of 400 liters per minute. Any particle of sand, metal dust can have a catastrophic abrasive effect.

You should know that a large particle larger than 15 microns can damage an operating clearance of a hydraulic part whose tolerance is between 10-15 microns which is ... 10% the size of a human hair! Also filters hydraulic oil manufacturers have a fineness of 5 microns.

For such fine adjustments, it is not uncommon for manufacturers specializing in miniaturization that are facing the hydraulic parts. This is the case of Kawasaki motorcycles known for its high performance but also Rexroth Poclain Caterpillar and JCB them known for their expertise in construction equipment.

A board that is worth gold: Always remember to perform a drain, a cleanup by dialysis and an operating cycle with special filters when replacing any part that is a part of the hydraulic circuit. You'll save on the life of your circuit and therefore your hardware.