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Need a new track roller for your track excavator ? Whether for a bulldozer, track excavator, track loader... we have all what you need! Codimatra is a company specializing in purchase, rebuilt and sale of used equipment and parts in construction field, offers a range of quality undercarriage, compatible with most existing heavy construction machine models.

What is a undercarriage ?

The undercarriage now assures the ground contact for excavators, dozers or track loaders. This type of suspension system allows the machine to move over all types of terrain: rocky, muddy etc. It allows mounting a powerful engine in heavy machinery, especially if you are on a very difficult land.

The undercarriage is composed of several parts, namely:

To keep your machine operational, it is essential that all undercarriage component are in good condition.

Choosing your undercarriage

Will be mainly guided by the type of machine you have and by its make and model. Codimatra teams are at your service and will answer all your questions regarding your need in undercarriage. Feel free to rely on their expertise. You can contact us by phone at: 05 53 98 55 78. However, if you've found your undercarriage directly on Codimatra website, you can request a quote online. The salesmen will answer you as soon as possible.

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