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Spare parts for undercarriage

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The track : a link with the field.

Undercarriage, tires, rims, sprockets, all these are connecting elements in the field of evolution of construction machines.

Some engineering tire projects offer long supply delays. Is it really useful to mount new tires on used machine? Codimatra has used tires in good condition for your machine!

The tracks also are available with pads of 600 mm or 700 mm single and triple edges. Our chains are sold with the sprockets of the original machine but we can also advise you on the mounting on other brands and models.

Not sure about the condition of undercarriage you want? Ask and we will send you a picture of the undercarriage and you will see for yourself!

Your idler lacks tension? You can replace it thanks to wisely priced Codimatra options. Codimatra offers reconditioned springs and idlers for all types of track.

Did you know?

The famous construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar was one of the first to use for its tractors a track chassis.

This is where its creators Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best were inspired to name their new company because of a note from their client who saw the machine move without any difficulty machine on a soft ground and cried "(Oh, it looks like a caterpillar!) so CAT brand was born in 1925.

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